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AKG K612 PRO w/ 3 pin mini XLR detachable cable mod *SOLD*

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  1. Change is Good
    For Sale
    Hello Everyone,
    Up for sale is my beloved AKG K612 PRO. They are in near mint condition after only couple months of use, and have been modified by a reputable third party, @Zombie_X, to have a 3 pin mini XLR detachable cable like the other open AKG models. It comes with two cables (10 ft and 5.5 ft) and a 1/4 inch screw on adapter.
    Free shipping inside the US 48 (International shipping will be extra depending on the cost). Accepting Paypal only. Please add transaction fee (wave fee if sent as gift).
    Feel free to PM me with any questions or comments.
  2. floodo1
    what type of connector is that attached to the headphone now?
  3. Change is Good
    Mini XLR, similar to the other AKG models (K702, Q701, K712) :)

    *updated on classified*

  4. Change is Good
    *price drop*
  5. Change is Good
  6. AxelCloris Administrator
    Nobody's jumped on these yet? That's surprising, considering the price.
  7. Change is Good
    Also considering what I paid for the mod...

    Guess no one is in the market for a neutral headphone that extends deep, has superb separation/detail, and a wonderful soundstage.
  8. appsmarsterx
    wow.. for $145 this is a steal.. I bought mine for $195. still I d gladly pay over $250 for these anyday, if I need another pair.
  9. Change is Good
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