AKG K553 Pro

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    First owner. Nonsmoking home. Spacious (especially for a closed headphone) and slightly v-shaped sound. Good, tight sub-bass, but not a bass head set of cans. Detailed top-end and sweet, if a little recessed, mid-range. Very easy to drive, for example, my 1st gen x5 on low gain and about 2 o'clock on the pot is about as loud as I can handle. 32 ohm load. I used them mostly with my x5 portably. Looked kinda goofy, but I look kinda goofy anyway. They are also very good for movies and tv, with very clear dialogue and enough sub-bass for when they blow sh_t up.

    These light (especially considering their size and mostly metal construction) but seemingly bulletproof cans are very good closed all-arounders, which I will miss. I had a pair of iems reshelled and those have replaced these for portable use, which is why I am selling them, as for home use I prefer open cans. They also sound really good with music played through my Gumby/Jotunheim desktop setup, so they scale pretty well. They have some signs of wear, including a 1cm split in an earpad right on the seam nearest the baffle, and some spots where the paint is rubbed off. I have attempted to show these issues in the pix. If I end up keeping them, I will probably replace the pads, although the split doesn't seem to be getting any larger. I have restuffed the pads with memory foam to try to improve the seal and for comfort. The headband has also been bent in a bit to improve seal. It can easily be bent back. Price includes shipping and paypal fees. Happy holidays head-fiers




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