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AKG K553 Pro vs. AKG K550 MK II (and thoughts on the AKG K550 "MK I")

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  1. BrecMadak
    I was looking around a closed headphone for mainly listening metal around €100. My current decision has been Sony V06 so far. :grin:
  2. RockStar2005
    Ahh ok. I remember now, but I couldn't remember if you'd bought something yet or not. Well in U.S. dollars, that's about $117. Only thing around there I can suggest from my list is the Brainwavz HM5 Studio Headphones. IF you could go up about $50-$75, then I'd have some other options you might like better. Let me know.

    But if not, below are 3 reviews on the HM5 you can look over. I know people on here who praise them too, though I myself have never tried them out.


    I've never tried the Sony V6 yet either, so you may want to compare reviews vs. the HM5 as well. I have read great things about the V6 as well though, so it's also a great choice too. If you choose the V6, you would definitely want to get upgrade earpads for it too as I've read that the V6 and 7506 pads don't last too long. Just keep me posted and if you do get the V6, I'll help you with that too.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  3. franci2105
    Hi, can you tell me if holding the headphones and rotating the cups toward the outside till the end you can hear some sound coming from the structure of the headphones, like a small plastic sound because of the rotation? Just asking to understand if what I hear from mine it is something normal. Thanks
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