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AKG K553 Pro vs. AKG K550 MK II (and thoughts on the AKG K550 "MK I")

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  1. RockStar2005
    Yeah, but I would only do it if I found someone I could pay to do it. I'd be too afraid to do it myself. lol
    I've written to AKG asking for them to release a new version of the K550 that sounds EXACTLY the same but has a detachable cable. I even suggested they call it the K555 (Why Five Fifty-Five? Cuz it ROLLS off the tongue lol). I also suggested they do more celebrity endorsements or more so ads. Beats only is as big as it is b/c of those celebrity endorsements. Could you imagine if AKG had some ads with some celebrities? With their much more competitive prices and higher quality sound, they would be unstoppable.
    Not stopping there, I even said they should consider making an AFFORDABLE pair of headphones unlike the $1500 Quincy Jones ones that include a premium amp/DAC combo in them. It would have ONLY what was needed and none of the extra stuff the Jones one has so to keep the price down (i.e. only one sound setting, but it's the BEST most natural one). Imagine what AKG could do if they sold these and charged like $300-$500 (or so) for them?! Ppl pay around that much for the best Beats, and get less. With these you'd have that unmistakable AKG neutral/natural sound signature + a quality amp/DAC for unbeatable sound! They responded positively to it, but who knows. The rep I e-mailed said everyone in his dept asked to be CC'd on my e-mail cuz they loved my ideas so much. lol I just wanna see them succeed because they deserve it more than any other company IMHO. And plus of course I'd WANT TO BUY those headphones if they actually made them. No more amp/DAC devices. The last suggestion I had was to make a BT version as well where the built-in amp/DAC would receive a digital signal from your player/phone and process it in the best way possible so that we could finally get rid of these wires. Or at least be one GIANT step closer. 
    But I'd be happy with just the K555. lol 
  2. Mark Up
    I if the K550 have a switch like the AKG Tiesto model to boost the bass (flat as it is and two levels of boost) that would be cool.
  3. RockStar2005
    Yeah, I guess that could prove to be useful. Send 'em an e-mail and see if they respond. Or call. 
    Or ask Jack Black to see if he can make it happen? lol 
  4. Mark Up
    Emailed the idea to AKG. A 2 db and 4 db switch (flat being like it is now) increasing bass with venting changes would be great.
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  5. RockStar2005
    Nice!! Hopefully they oblige. 
  6. Mark Up
    I notice in pics, where the K5XX series has pads removed, around the driver is a strip of white breathable (I assume) tape. That is also around the driver in my ISK H9999. I put tape over those (fully sealing them) and the bass was increased. It would be a cool experiment if you try that, not affixing tape too tight so it can easily be removed, with no residue, or damage to the existing tape. See if that increases the low end. For me, that's the only area lacking. If that works, it'd be incentive for me to want to buy them.
  7. RockStar2005
    Maybe. If I tried it? lol Yeah, no. lol With my luck I'd end up not only breaking it but prob slice my finger as well. 
    I notice on heavier rock music if I turn on Bass Boost on my HA-2, in some if not many cases, it does give it a more FULL sound and no apparent loss of fidelity either. But on anything lighter, I find it best to be off. 
  8. RockStar2005
    To be honest, I have found myself over the last month or two utilizing Bass Boost on my Oppo HA-2 amp/DAC more often that before when listening on my AKG K550 MK II 'phones. I still find it can be "too much" the majority of the time, but for certain bands or certain kinds of music (usually heavier rock songs), it seems like Bass Boost isn't overly powering and actually make for a fuller sound while not masking the other frequencies as far as I'm concerned. So I guess it really does have its "place", but you really have pay attention & use your best judgement. 
    Anyone else feel this way?
    AKG 712PRO
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  10. RockStar2005
    I agree with everything you generally said, although I've never tested the K712 or K812 HPs.
    Yeah I had the Audio Technica M50x HPs early on. Out of the like 7-8 headphones I've EXTENSIVELY tested, they were by far the worst ones, despite their popularity. They were very comfortable, but sound-wise, they were very "compressed" sounding........ I mean the soundstage was awful. Kinda bassy too. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. 
    It truly amazes me how great the AKG K550 MK II HPs sound for the price they're sold at. I mean, I got mine for $142 and they outdo HPs that cost $400!! To me that's crazy, but a GOOD crazy cuz it's true. lol When I listened to the other headphones that I've tried out, they all were great. The music sounded like you were listening to it on premium headphones. But when I listen to music on the K550 MK II (or K550 or K553 lol), it sounds like you're THERE IN THE STUDIO WITH THE BAND! There really IS a difference!
    I think it's the extra clarity and crazy WIDE soundstage that the K55X series brings to the table that sets it apart from the rest. Also, the fact that it's NOT overly bassy makes a big difference too. My Oppo HA-2 has a great Bass Boost option on it. I've found myself in recent weeks using it more than before (typically for heavier rock songs), but it's only b/c certain bands sound slightly better with more bass and using BB doesn't make the bass too strong on THOSE particular songs. Usually though I just leave it off. But even when I do use it, it's not like there's a real NEED for it....the bass is already there and fine already. I'd much rather have the choice to add more bass than be forced to DEAL with too much bass on more bassier songs. AKG gives me that choice, and I love them for it. 
  11. Dimos Zagaris
    As closed headphones that can be charaxterized do they have bleed in sound when you are recording?
  12. RockStar2005
    No clue Dimos. I ONLY use headphones for listening to music. The K55X series does a VERY good job with both keeping sound isolated from the outside, and not letting sound out from the in. 
  13. Dimos Zagaris
    Thank you!..You mean about the k553?
  14. RockStar2005
    I mean about ANY of the K55X series headphones, INCLUDING the K553. lol
  15. RockStar2005

    AKG has apparently JUST released a new sequel to the K550 model: the K550 MK III (3)! The comments at the bottom indicate once again by what LOOKS like Harman/AKG that like the K550 MK II (and really also the K551 & K553), these new MK IIIs sound NO DIFFERENT than the K550 MK II! The only actual difference besides the name is that these FINALLY feature a detachable (and shorter) cable!!

    Nice to see that AKG FINALLY listened to their customers! lol

    If anyone reading this happens to buy or own the K550 MK III HPs, please let us know what you think and if you agree that they sound the same or not vs. the K550 MK II or K550.
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