AKG K553 good successor to ATH ESW9?
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Feb 21, 2013
Hi all. Been a long time since I've been active here or actively involved in the hobby. I find myself in pretty immediate need for an over ear alternative to my go to travel pair of ATH ESW9. I'm eyeing the Massdrop (in itself a new concept to me) AKG K553? My at home pair are ATH AD900x so that also gives you an idea of where I'm coming from.
Bottom line is an need a closed, over ear alternative to the AT ESW9 and would like to keep the price in the vicinity of $100. Suggestions are welcome and if you have something used to point out in that price range, I'm very open to that too. Thanks!
(I should also have said I've enjoyed the Sony MDRV6 in the past. Looking on Amazon right now, maybe another pair of these would be an adequate alternative? I realize they are dated but so are the ESW9s.)

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