AKG K551 dissapointment/blown?
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Jan 8, 2015
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Jan 8, 2015
Hiii there guyzse!
I recently bought a used pair of AKG K551 dirt cheap because the pads were broken.
When i received the package at the post office i immediately tried them with my Samsung s7 while walking home.
First impression was; are they blown?? There's NO bass! And the treble is so bright it feels like im listening to a cellphone speaker on max volume.

I later tested with my phone hooked up to my Fiio e11 (with bass mode on max, the samsung tube simulation turned on and also i turned down 4-16k slightly) and it now sounds pretty good... BUT there's a lot more bass in the left can (where the cable connects) than the right one. The right pad is also the most damaged one.
Once I came home i tried them in my home studio with a Scandinavian amp called Argon HA1 running through my DAC/Soundcard Focusrite 18i8. Sound was a little better, but the bass is still low to my tastes, and also still more in the left ear. Im a metal/dubstep producer, so i listen to a lot of bass heavy genres. My favourite headphones are HD700 and i also have a pair of DT880 250ohm and PXC550.

My question then; is the right speaker blown or is it maybe the pad or cable?

I've ordered new pads and they will arrive during the week.
I study music technology, so im pretty sure i can repair the cable or maybe swap it with a detachable one.
Appreciating all recommendations and help!
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