AKG K550 Static?
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Jan 16, 2013
Just got the AKG K550s. I've been happy with the sound but any time the cord rubs against my clothing I get static noise. I can duplicate this if I rub any part of the headphones or cord with my finger.

When this happen while listening to music or gaming the sound volume decreases and then returns to its previous level but sometimes that takes a few seconds.

This occurs with both my iPhone and PC.

Is this normal or do you think there is some defect causing it?

The K550s replace Sen. HD 280Pro's that never had this kind of issue.
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A quick search yielded a number of causes that could be responsible. I'm not an expert myself, but I've owned numerous headphones over the years and never had this issue with any.

If it happens on both your PC and your phone it's safe to say that the cause is definitely the headphones themselves, so I'd just return them for a new pair. I hate trouble shooting electronics, especially if it's new, take advantage of that return policy!
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The only thing I was able to find was that this issue is refered to as "The stethoscope effect".  That's exactly how it sounds, like you have the stehoscope on and are rubbing it's bell/diaphraghm.
If a poorly designed cable is the cause, is it not likely that even if I replace this pair, every other one would have the same issue?
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Does the stethoscope effect happen throughout the length of the cable, or in just one particular spot?  I've had my K550 for a while and haven't encountered it, so it might just be an isolated incident
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It happens on most of the length
of the cable. There are certain spots that when rubbed do not produce the effect.

I'm glad to hear that you do not have the issue. Maybe I just got a bad pair.

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