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AKG K550 Review.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pkurk, May 15, 2012.
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  1. AudioDwebe
    Thanks for the suggestion about the braiding.  I'm sure it'll look nicer than my current method, which is kind of wadded up and rubberbanned to the flap of the ipod case.
    I never would have thought that these cans were designed with DJing in mind.  Hmm...
  2. Spaceface
    Absolutely love these headphones. Fortunately I don't have any problems with them, not the sound, how they look or seal. The more I play these the more I'm worrying about the thought that maybe one day, I'll never be able to take them off my head!
    For me they're perfect. I listen to Electronic, Ambient, Reggae, Ochestral, Rock, -So I needed a good balanced headphone. I was wondering at first if they would furfill me for all the types of music I listen to, but they so do. If your worrying about the bass, don't! It's just right! For me at least.
    Oh and the sound stage on these, holy ****!
  3. CB3874
    I'm a big fan of these headphones. I've been using the AKG K550s everyday at work with an ipod and directly to my work PC. They're nice and warm with the right amount of natural bass & treble in my opinion. I feel no need to get a portable DAC / amp , very content going direct with the K550s.
  4. amigastar
    yep, the bass was really natural and balanced i thought also. really fun headphone.
  5. LiveinRiot
    Man I don't have words to describe how I love you shauuhuhsauhsa. Jokes in part, I was looking for a neutral headphone, and after I readed your review, I'm thinking in buy them.
    I like:
    - electronics => david guetta
    - pop-rock => lady gaga / katy perry / paramore
    - acoustics music => MPB / MTV Acoustic's Special
    - J-Rock
    - Heavy Metal
    Do you think this headphone is the best for me?
  6. talisman42
    These definitely grow on me - maybe it's the comfort that lures me to them. The sound quality is consistently better when I press the cups to my ear. My goal is to possess the best SQ without having to fuss as much. When I opened up the cups, I did discover one of the pads was visibly flatter than the other. this is likely one of the significant contributing factors to getting consistent seal.
    In addition to tightening the clamp, I think getting a layer or just a thicker donut shaped foam will do. Does anyone know where to find this type of material. The ones that are in there remind me of several products: low/soft memory foam, a sponge, and cushion from an old couch.  Hopefully AKG is willing to sell me this 'foam' as an acessory / maintenance purchase.
    Anysuggestions on to go  about this?
  7. Spawn300Z
    I just placed an order for these. Can't wait to get my hands on them. Thanks for your review.
  8. everlong
    I got the K-550 and really love them, but i'm looking for a second pair of headphones, and thinking of D2000/5000/7000.
    What is the pro/cons on the D2000 vs K-550? 
    One think I really like that the K-550 doesn't leak much music out, how does the D2000 comapre there with the K-550?
  9. whereas
    No idea how the K550 sounds, but you can't go wrong with the D5000. They sound great with all types of music.
  10. cyberalpha11
    May I know which are the possible headphones that have similar sounds stage, separation, mids & smooth treble like in K550 but have a stronger quality bass something like in ATH-M50?
  11. ChoonyFish
    After weeks of research, just got these today (£149 - bargain!) - stunning. 
    I was a bit worried about the bass on first listen, but my choice of first song wasn't the best - I played something else and added the iTunes bass boost setting and now it's phenomenal.  So crystal clear!
    And, like you, I'm having difficulty taking them off my head...
  12. deaffob
    I think K550 is perfect for outside where you need privacy because you basically don't leak any sound and you don't need any amp to drive these.
  13. Spawn300Z
    I received my K550s yesterday and had them burning in for 24hrs.  I took my son to the water park today and decided to take them with me to give them a try.  I can tell you that I felt like I was in my on little world.  The isolated really well. Better than I had expected. They played very well without any amplification from my iPod Classic 7G.  Can't wait until I get one of those Headstage Arrow 4Gs.
  14. everlong
    Anyone tested K-550 against Creative Aurvana Live? 
  15. HighFiguy
    nope! :) but if your looking for a wide soundstage, and good detail in a closed headphone then look no further
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