AKG K550 MKII & K553 MKII balanced mod....is it worth doing?

Would you mod your K550 or K553 to accept balanced input?

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Jan 2, 2007
I have a pair of AKG K550 MKII I bought a few ago and have been happy with them. Over the Thanksgiving week I took advantage of the sale at AKG and bought a couple of pairs of the K553 MKII, one for myself and the other for my niece.

Anyways, I have been looking for articles or forum posts on any DIY balanced conversion/mod on these headphones and found none. I found a bunch of them on DIY detachable cable mod (for the K550 MKII) but none so far for a DIY balanced mod.

Is a balanced mod not necessary or not advisable on these headphones for some reason?

The reason I want to modify them is on my Sony PHA-2A or WM1A I have to crank them up quite high to get the volume I want.

Can you guys share any thoughts on this?

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