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AKG K550 Balanced Now Available at HeadRoom

Discussion in 'HeadRoom Premier Sponsor Forum' started by jorgec, May 1, 2012.
  1. JorgeC Contributor
    Hey Everyone,
    HeadRoom has recabled the new AKG K550 to balanced-drive using our exclusive Cardas 'Fat Pipe' headphone cord with spectacular audio results. The improved acoustic performance of the K550 under the control of a balanced head-amp is especially amazing given this headphone's very within-reach price [​IMG]
    Check it out below and please feel free to call our HeadRoom headphone geeks with all your balanced K550 questions!
    HeadRoom VP
  2. DGriff0400
    did they also add a detachable cable mod?
  3. DGriff0400
    and is the fit adjusted?.would of loved to see some pics

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