AKG k550 alternate ear pads?

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  1. TomEH
    I just picked up these from eBay in the UK (though worldwide shipping):
    Compared to the cheaper (but quicker to get here) ones I got from Amazon UK, they're great. Just about exactly the same "squishiness" as the stock ones, and they look fairly nice too with the stitching. Fitting was fine, assuming you know how to use the notch in the headphones to slip them on. Pleather feels noticeably thicker than the stock ones, while the port is slightly narrower than the stock pads, but not enough that I really notice. I don't notice any difference in sound between these and the stock ones, whereas with the ones I got from Amazon the sound was distinctly flatter.
    Took under 2 weeks to arrive (I was away for a week with work so not sure exactly when they arrived, but ordered on the 20th February and they were here when I got back late on the 3rd).
    I'd already splashed on a pair of genuine ones from Angie @ Fullers Electronic in the UK, but now I have two pairs that provide equal sound quality, so I'm happy :).
    Hope this is of some use. I'll provide pics once my account is allowed to, sadly I've only just registered so it won't let me! :frowning2:
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  2. LSeven
    Thanks for the reply.
    I'll check that, i've bought a pleather pair from a chinese seller, but I received a pair that is velour and smaller size...
    My ears are too big for the hole and there is no seal (and no bass):frowning2:
  3. zed5dead
    Hi everyone. Signed up as a forum member to post here as I've been looking for genuine replacement K550 pads. I contacted Harman international support and they forwarded me on to their UK parts supplier - Fuller Electronic Services Ltd in Suffolk. I rang their parts line on 01728 746500 and I'm now awaiting delivery of a pair for £27.60. Seemed hard to come by so thought I'd share!
  4. 5nork
    Hey everyone,
    The guys from the Moscow company VesperAudio make this to order, completely leather or with an insert from the Alcantara. I was requested a price - about 50 usd. Time of manufacturing is slightly less than 2 weeks. Maybe for someone it will be useful :wink:
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  5. 147JK
  6. episiarch Contributor
  7. 147JK
  8. 147JK
    Hi, these look comfortable. Do they have the same outside diameter as the originals? Thanks
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  9. episiarch Contributor
    The rim fits on the headphone, but the outside diameter of the padding is maybe 3mm less than the rim.
  10. 147JK
    It appears the Brainwavz "XL" pads should fit the AKG K5XX models. From what I gather they are quite new - released in July this year. My K553 original pad is 110mm in diameter, which is exactly the size of the "XL" pads. The "XL" pads appear to be 5mm thicker (30mm vs 25mm) and the ear hole slightly larger (65mm vs 55 mm). I do wish they cost a bit less - I'd certainly give them a try.. they look perfect.

  11. SomeTechNoob
    Sorry to necro this thread, but after 2 years my K553's earpads are beginning to crack. I've got regular pleather HM5s but they make the headphones sound like tin cans. I was thinking about Brainwavz's XL round pads. Heck, even the sheepskin one. The quote I got from AKG's parts department back in Jan 2017 was $21.60/earpad + $7 s/h + tax, which is absolutely ridiculous considering the headphone itself is $120 or cheaper. Might as well pick up a K550 on a firesale since they've been down to $90 before.

    I really do love the stock sound of the K553, but replacement earpads that have a similar sound to the stock pads are apparently impossible to find.
  12. 147JK
    I agree - these look perfect but for that price forget it. They do place items on sale every month. I'm waiting for the XL pads to go on sale.
  13. episiarch Contributor
    I had the same impression you did when I tried the non-angled Brainwavz pads, but I find that the Brainwavz angled pads sound a lot like stock.
  14. bishop_rather
  15. hanouk
    Same question for me, I will soon order either the sheepskin or pleather XL from Brainwavz
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