AKG K518 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50
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Jun 23, 2014
Hello, i am a guy who has been producing music for quite a while, and i am starting to get kinda serious about my music production. Right now i am using a pair of modded AKG K518s but i am thinking about upgrading to the ATH-M50s, so i have a few questions for you.
Firstly, is there a noticable difference between the audio quality of these two headphones? If so, is this difference worth investing in if i want to make good music.
Secondly, how is the durability compared to the AKG K518s? Will i be able to use the ATH-M50s for a coupple of years without replacing them again?
Finally, are the ATH-M50s good for just casually listening to music on your phone, or should i use them for music production only?
My experience from the K518s is that they are kind of bass-heavy, but i don't really know since i don't have much to compare with. It would also be great if you could list some cons about the ATH-M50s, but it is not really necessary.
I would really appriciate it if you would answer my questions, thanks in advance!
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Jan 25, 2011
I should be able to comment, having both, the ATH-M50 and K518LE.  The M50s are lyrical and comfortable.  The K518s have better sound, more bass and better definition  The K518s are supraural leading to some comfort issuses namely pinching and general fit off on ear 'phones.  I run a Bravo V2 with GE tube on am very happy with the sound of both,the tube and amplification add clarity to both.
If were to make a choice 'twixt the two......I would take K518s, mod them which I am process of investigation

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