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AKG K450 or...........(?)

  1. Specialone
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum.
    I'm Italian and I do not speak English: (Sorry.
    Translated with google I will try to figure out if there are any answers.
    I currently lack the AKG K450, I listen with my phone.
    I own an amp also CmoyBB.
    The question is: I am satisfied with my headphones .... but I want something more.
    I have a budget of around € 200 to spend.
    I listen to mostly pop, rock, R & B music, and I like it when the bass pulse:)
    thanks for any replies 
  2. cifani090
    How about some Denon AH2000's. Great headphones, and dont forget J$ pads. Forgot you want portable headphones, go with a pair of used SE535's.
  3. Specialone
    I'm looking for  on ear .
  4. dbdynsty25
    If you're looking for on ear, the new V-Moda M-80s are outstanding.  Probably the sweetest on ears I've heard...even surpassing the HD25 IIs even.

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