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AKG K450 or Audio Technica ATH-FC700

  1. julioforo
    I have the oportunity to buy one of this two headphones...
    some owns both of them?
    Which one has more powerful bass?
    Would you recommend me another headphones in this style?
  2. Proglover
    Didn't hear them both, but I'm a fan of the K450's on the go. They're not very bass heavy though, although they have enough for me.
    I recently bought Audio Technica's ESW9 and I actually like my K450's more[​IMG].
    Almost nobody will agree with that, but I really don't like the bass in ESW9's sound sig, it's just too much. It depends a lot which kind of music you listen to I think.
  3. julioforo
    - Grado sr60i
    - Audio-Technica ath-m50
    - Alessandro ms1
    It's too complicated to choose!!!
  4. Proglover
    if you listen to rock/metal, out of those 3, i think MS-1
    I love Grado/Alessandro, but find them too big for portable though.
  5. Armaegis
    If you want a ton of bass, the K450 is your choice.
  6. loopfreak
    Akg k450 has lots of bass, very punchy, good isolation (compared with hd 25 1) and it has unbelievable sensitivity , so it can blow your brain or save your battery, the choice is yours :p
  7. Proglover


    Not THAT much, it sure has bass, certainly for an AKG, but tons, no (subjective offcourse but I'm not a real extreme basshead)
    They're very upfront, in your face
  8. nobb
    My complain with the AKG K450s is that is has a very muffled and hollow sound signature. The bass is decent, but somewhat sloppy and lacks impact. Pretty strong though. But what bugs me the most is the mids and the treble. It's very hollow/nasally and the upper treble is actually not very bright at all.

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