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AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tdl-speakers, Mar 1, 2009.
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  1. DefectiveAudioComponent
    There was measurement gear at a recent headphone meeting (no measurement of any 340). So it can be done. Sombody should bring a bag of different 340 next time that gear is around...

  2. rhythmdevils
    I can't possibly imagine my pair of K340 being called bass-light.  They have bass that is between the HD600 and HD650.  That alone leads me to believe it's true.  But also the fact that there are different diaphrams and wirings, and other AKG's of similar era have variation.  But who knows, people also say that the K501 is not bass-light, and unless there was variation with them as well (some say there is) that shows how subjective things can be.
  3. Roby_caste
    - To DefectiveAudioComponent:
    An interesting solution indeed. Who will volunteer bringing in the much cherished k-340 for the bag?  [​IMG]
    May I add that measurements were very fashionable in the Seventies, when the best performers are longtime forgotten, nowadays, we  will never consider that sort of gear hi-end... maybe even not hi-fi!  I think that our brain is doing most of the job in seeing and hearing. Our brains being very different, probably, we hear in a different way the same sound message and we tend to judge differently the same measurement.
    - To Rhytmdevils:
    Maybe, there are different ways to appreciate the very same bass rendition. Or maybe, different production batch have indeed a different sonic signature or react in a different way to the same headamp and source. Afaik, I've got two AKG k-501, from very different production lots and their sound signature was very close, almost the same. And I had the opportunity to audition them together at home for several weeks, then I kept the newer and sold the older one. I bought my first 501 maybe 8 years ago, and still like this model very much. Sincerely more for the wearing comfort than for the sound. But I'm going OT...
  4. burgunder
  5. Roby_caste
    Seems a nice bargain for an almost new (or NOS) AKG k340.
    Is the one you already have a stock one? That's mandatory that they are both stock, unmodified, for a proper comparison.
  6. burgunder
    I'm pretty sure that my current pair is stock.
    But now that I will own to pairs I might mod them :wink: Not sure that I will change the damping but it seems obvious to atleast try the screen mod.

  7. Roby_caste
    I own a so-called bass-light K-340, I've been keeping them stock for 3 or 4 years ago, I felt they hadn't the kind of sound I like and were heavy and offerred a little or no wearing comfort.  I eventually decided to invest some money in a modding, as I wouldn't be able to DIY.
    I decided for a complete overhaul, I've been inspired by an old post by philodox:
    1.  bypass the circuit board for the dynamic driver
    2. Changing the cotton filling of earcups to tune the bass
    3. Taping up the back of the housings
    4. Recable the headphones, dual entry, with copper wire
    5. Remove the plastic screen and replace with cloth
    6. Replace/tighten the elastics and change earpads to seal better, and tune up the bass
    7. Clean inside and out.
    I sent my old k-340 for an extensive modding to headfier kt-88 and the result were very satisfying, they now perform much better than the stock version (w. my DarkVoice 336SE headamp), but still the sound signature is not my cup of tea and  the cans remain uncomfortable IMHO.

  8. ourfpshero
    put some jmoney leather pads on mine. bass is better, soundstage bigger. i find the k340 doesnt like very low volumes but at least a medium volume level.
    mine needs new elastics- my daughters headbands dont cut it- any suggestions?
  9. Roby_caste

    I'm not really an expert, but as far as I read, elastics come in every sort of size, diameter, colour and strenght.
    Better try a shop or department store than peering in your daughter's drawers...
    Male ponytailers have been storming these shops for years  [​IMG]
    Seems that changing the headband (need a spare k-501) improves the fitting a lot.
    Have a look to this 3D:
  10. colinharding
    @ Ourfpshero:
    Which Jmoney pads did you put on the headphones?  I'm looking to replace mine, but I remember that the velours did not play with well my Sextetts.  They sounded very muffled so I expect much the same from the K340's.  Are the Jmoney pads deep?  My ears are a little on the larger side and press right up against the driver or screen (i still have the plastic one, or no screen if i take it off lol) I've even restuffed the pleather pads and cannot seem to make them deep enough. 
  11. ourfpshero
    i used the leather beyer/akg ones. they are deeper than the stock akg pads. my ears no longet touch. i can measure them if needed :)
  12. colinharding
    if you could that would be great!! I really want to see if I could fit a pair of the denon jmoney pads on, those look really comfy [​IMG]
  13. ourfpshero
    the pads stand 13/16 inch depth and 14 1/8 inch diameter
  14. colinharding
    did you take the plastic grill off of yours as well?  Those pads are a little thicker than mine, but I'm still a bit hesitant.  The top of my ear presses right against the driver with the screens off, I imagine it would be worse with the screens on but i've not tried it.  
  15. ourfpshero
    my screens are still on-except for the pads its all stock
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