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AKG K3003 High End 3 Way System Headphone

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  1. Trebor1966
    Consider that the new CP145 have a larger bore and the bore ends perfect on the mesh grill - so the sound tube effect of the old CP100 doesn't occur
  2. DatDudeNic
    if only i still had mine :frowning2: sadly sold mne in favor for the hiby r6 (its very disappointing btw) right now i only have the sony nw wm1a and the empire zeus xiv with me...
  3. ruthieandjohn
    I have had my best luck with the large version of the white eartips that come with the K3003. This is after attempts with Comply and other tips (and for other IEMs, I usually do have to go to more exotic non-stock tips such as Comply). The stock tips fit both ears perfectly (and my right ear passage has some sort of hairpin turn that often confounds IEM tips!)
  4. stretchneck
    Did the Spinfit CP145 reduce sibilance on the K3003i compared to stock spinfits? I'm using the stock spinfits at present and grey (reference filter), all good apart from Sting being unlistenable! His voice comes through sibilant as hell!
  5. Trebor1966
    It definitely reduce sibilance - i can't hear any. Only sometimes with Diana Krall - but it is still in the recording
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  6. kp297
    After using the SpinFit CP145 for 20 min, I can say the K3003 is just about fixed. The bass has a speaker like quality. The highs are still sharp, but the treble has been tamed. This is like a hifi speaker system in your ears.

    It’s fixed, after all these years!!! Best 10 dollars I’ve spent in this hobby. Listening to Trio Prim Jacobs’ Come Fly With Me as my victory song.
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  7. Trebor1966
    At the first moment i tried the CP145 i was also very impressed - after a few years of owning K3003 it sounds like a newTOTL IEM unbelievable but true. Now i would rate the K3003 as A+ or S-
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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  8. bosiemoncrieff
    What about their other models? Do any others work well?
  9. Trebor1966
    ...definitely not with chinese knockoffs... :ksc75smile:
  10. bosiemoncrieff
    I could hardly tell the difference at Harman Kardon New York. They're excellent knockoffs.
  11. tracyca
    Anyone have a suggestion on where to get my k3003 3.5 plug repaired. Warranty is out.
  12. MozartMan1201
    I've also just tried the SpinFit CP145 myself and found that (1) it sounds more balanced, less bass-heavy, than the Comply foam tip, although the foam tip blocks out more noise; (2) it's longer in length and smaller in diameter than other silicone gel tips. I normally wear medium but the SpinFit medium fits very loose, so I need to spend another $10 and get the large.

    Overall, very happy with the new, near-perfect, sound!
  13. MozartMan1201
    You can ask this guy -- https://www.ebay.com/usr/nissansilvias15irocz

    I bought my pre-owned K3003 from him and the plug gave out 5 months ago. He replaced it with a stronger plug for $3.50. No more problem since.
  14. Mormonsloot
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
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  15. btomi9
    Can you recommend an aftermarket set of eartips for my AKG K3003i? I'm using the middle sized ones but from my left ear sometimes it loosens up and almost falls out. I need something in size between the middle and the large one in the original K3003 set.
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