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AKG "K267 TIËSTO" - Discussion, Impressions & Review Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brsxignition, Nov 1, 2012.
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  1. BRSxIgnition
    I've asked Front End Audio if they can match that price + with the 10% discount of theirs too. It; okay with my contact, but he needs to see with the rest of the team if matching it is okay.
    I will let you all know - but I do recommend them for their service.
  2. BRSxIgnition
  3. korewest
    How do the 167's sound compared to the ATH-50's?
    I'm currently debating on the two in terms of price / quality ratio.
    Cheapest new 167 I found is ~$170, and cheapest new ATH-50's were ~$110
  4. miow
    From what I was told (think I will try them by Monday), the K167's have more and better bass, better mids (forward vs recessed) and better soundstage. But I have to listen to them, this was just 1 guy's opinion.
  5. korewest
    Great, thanks!
    I hope someone will do an in depth comparison / impression
    on these soon.
    Since these will be around $200 mark on Amazon, I think I will be debating
    between K167 and Pioneer HDJ 2000 K.
    I love the design of both but I heard 2000's are a bit muddy
  6. miow
    And you guys are lucky there (as always :p), here they cost 230 EURO (best price).
    I'm not good describing sound, since my english is not good enough, but I'll try to write something about them next week as soon as I test them.
  7. pichu
    So the K267, Sony MDR-1, or what in this price range????
  8. miow
    Nobody knows about the K267 yet. We will have to wait till December, but I got a feeling they will be the winners (at least for bass lovers).
  9. Youyou
  10. BRSxIgnition
    We don't know which the final version will be, but it will most likely be the one with the dots. Are they really that bad? The thick headband has nothing but black on it, so it's not like they're everywhere.
  11. miow
  12. BRSxIgnition
    I copied the below from my post on the 167 thread. It lists the differences between the K167 and K267 models.
    Quote: Me
    All of this without sacrificing the size of the 167, which was already slightly large. (Other than the larger headband)
    If you want to pre-order the K267, I suggest asking Front End Audio to match the price found at JRRShop.com - since they have amazing service and tell you exactly when they will receive the K267's, and when they will be shipped to you and such. Tell them Chris said hi! 
  13. RPGWiZaRD
    About the silverdots, at the smallest headband setting they should be covered fully while as you expand it the dots will reveal underneath as they are placed on the underlying headband, not the more outermost one. This has always been my interpretion of it at least looking at different pictures. So if you hate the dots I hope you got a small head. :)
  14. BRSxIgnition
    You're wrong. The ones you see in the images are the most you will ever see on the 267. The dotted piece is part of the headband, along with the thick padding and such. The cups retract and expand from there - meaning that you'll never see more dots than that. This picture explains better.
    You can see that the cup can be pulled in and out from below the dotted piece, rather than the dotted piece being pulled in and out of the headband.
  15. RPGWiZaRD
    OK my bad then but honestly in this picture I like the look of those dots, fits totally with the design. ^^ Without the dots here it would give the impression of a more clumsy / "unsexy" looking headband with that larger extending padded area, with these dots it kinda manages to draw attention away from that look. Personally I'm function > style guy and like the fact they added this padded stuff at the top, should provide a nice comfort by the looks of it. 
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