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AKG "K267 TIËSTO" - Discussion, Impressions & Review Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brsxignition, Nov 1, 2012.
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  1. BRSxIgnition
    I have to ask those 2 or 3 people here that have the AKG K267 in their hands now...
    My Situation:
    I've been looking for a new closed portable headphone to replace my old broken M50's for a while. I originally bought the V-MODA Crossfade M-100, and while I liked the sound, the mids were recessed and the cups were shallow. I then bought the UE6000, but the amp boosted bass too much, the mids were recessed, and it had a problem with the jack. I then also tried the Sennheiser MOMENTUM, but it felt muddled, and the cable felt brittle. 
    I have since bought a replacement ATH-M50 in White with a detachable cable, so that it will not break easily, thing is, I am still hoping for an upgrade...  I still have my AKG K267 on pre-order for a good price.
    More Info:
    1. I use my headphones on the go about 60% of the time.
    2. Locations include bus, library, home, college.
    3. Leakage and Isolation need to be at least as good as my Audio Technica ATH-M50.
    What should I do?
  2. RPGWiZaRD
    Any headphone which isn't fully closed won't probably isolate as well as M50, it has a pretty good isolation. Doesn't seem like K267 is fully closed.
  3. BRSxIgnition
    That's what is worrying me most.
  4. Towwers
    Maybe.. Sennheiser Amperior?
  5. miow
  6. BRSxIgnition
    I've been thinking that - but the build worries me. I hate having anything creak on my head, let alone crack.
  7. automaton
    I think the cups on the 167 are shallow as well.  Another 1/2 inch of padding would help a lot.  Similar concerns put me off of the M-100.  I might just be a little too sensitive on this issue, because I found that the M-80 also got uncomfortable quickly. 
    The sound on the 167, however, is fantastic.  Have not yet A/B'd them to compare with my DT-990s, but the bass, due to the headphone being closed, sounds a bit fuller and more precise on the 167.   
  8. gelocks
    Well, even the M100s crack and one of their "FEATURES" is "durability", so... I had never had any headphone crack or break (with the exception of the wingtip of the M100s) but I have to say that I baby my headphones a whole lot (and I don't use them on the move as much...). So it's actually a question of how you will take care of them. Even if they are "tanks" like the M50s, I would still baby them. :wink:
    Now, if you are saying that the K167s are breaking/cracking/etc. even when babying them, then that's a whole 'nother issue...
  9. BRSxIgnition
    Well, the M-100 was advertised as being stupid-well-built, but parts ended up cracking and fraying for new owners. About how I will take care of them, I always baby anything I buy, hahaha. Unless it's a case for something, I baby all my technology, headphones included.
    I just don't know. Why do they advertise the K267 as a closed reference DJ headphone, when it leaks like it's open? Does it really leak that much? I may be tempted to just go back to the M-100's and deal with the shallow pads until the better pads are released (if they are released)
    Can someone with the K267 give some proper input? How do they compare to M50's all around? Build, Sound, Leakage, Isolation, Looks, etc?
    Finding a good headphone for me seems to be hard...
  10. Deep Funk
    A bit too steep if you ask me. Even the Amperior now seems more value for money compared to the K267 and the Amperior is a nice sounding headphone...
  11. mrbigsby
    If you can afford Signature Dj's, its my opinion that these are the absolute best "basshead" can out there. Nothing is muddled, nothing creaks or cracks, they are made of the finest materials, come in a leather hardcase, have detatchable cable, everything. THe sound is not "enigmatic" or anything people claim about certain cans, but i tried it against those certain cans (and every other can i could think of at the time) and to my ears it kept winning and swinging. Isolation and leakage were as good if not better than the 167 which i consider to have the among the best isolation on the market now. 
    2nd option, the DT770LE 32ohm. I tried this agains the entire closed (and some open) Beyer range, and against the Sigs's (only can that came remotely close), senn range, 167, grados, the lot.
    THey stood out big time, and are not much like the other DT770. The sound signature was similar, but no boomy bass- just as big, bigger than the 167, but tighter still, neater, more seperate than any of them. The mids are there, warm and present, and articulate. The highs- heres where i put my amp up one notch on treble BUT for the dt770pro 250 ohm i had this boost up all the way (4-5 notches), and for the pro900 i had it minus 4!!! I believe all the EQ stuff also has to do with your source and its settings more than the amp too, as when i bought them home and ran them off the macpro through the same amp i had to reduce the treble to 0 and has equal treble to my 167, only clearer and more "3d" if that makes sense. Paning with these things is scary good, best ive heard period. As corny as it sounds they honestly give you goosebumps (this coming from a 31 year old man). They are a definite upgrade to the 167.
    THe bad:
    They, like all beyers in this range have a metal headband (with a nice cushy cover with snap buttons so you can easily remove/replace/add foam), and it can make a creak 2/10 times when stretching them out to go on your head. Now this could just be cause mine are 3 days old? in any case theres no such noises once they clamp, and it wouldnt bother 99% of people. I just mention it based on your comment above.
    The cord is not curly or detachable. THese are meant to be "retro" reproductions. But im getting my cord changed which by the sounds of your post above you dont mind doing either. TO me a cord is no big deal compared to a good sound, comfort. 
    They dont fold up into the band and flatten like 167. THey stay on your head or neck or in a case/bag. Again no big deal to me once considering the sound.
    Back to good:
    Isolation is very good, the "softskin" pads contribute to this. Another great feature of these cans is that you can buy 3 other different sets of pads that just pull on or pull off to tweak sound or isolation or feel to suit just about anyone.
    NOW before anyone tells me they are just a 32ohm 770pro, these are both copy and pasted quotes from the beyerdynamic website. The first is found in the feature list of the Limted Edition, but not in any other DT770 feature list. I think they mean shell or inner shell material. I found these lighter than any other Beyer by a LONGSHOT. They are very sturdy with metal parts etc, all interchangable, but light- which i love!
    1. 32 Ohm drivers for mobile applications
    2. Special aluminum "limited edition" label
    3. All black design
    4. 1.6 m (5.2 ft.) OFC single-sided cable with screwable 6.35 mm (1/4") adapter
    5. Innovative bass-reflex-system for excellent bass reproduction
    6. Headbow with eco-friendly electrophoretic coating for optimal wearing comfort
    7. Exchangeable, easy to clean comfortable "Softskin" head band and ear pads
    8. Glassball reinforced ear cups
    9. Closed, diffuse-field studio headphone 
    10. Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable"

    Again the sound was vastly improved from the DT770pro 250ohm, i didnt understand how this was the same can with different pads, cord, and a lighter feel but sounded so much more mature and advanced but still had that striking bass (much cleaner and detailed though). I asked all the stores i could find who stocked them, no one new- they all said it was the same. Then i was searching the Beyer site and found this in the DT770LE 32ohm page, found under studio headphones:
    "beyerdynamic celebrates its 88th anniversary with a refined edition of the DT 770 PRO headphone – the professional audio industry standard for more than 20 years. 
    Its newly developed 32 Ohms drivers are based on our world-renowned 80 Ohms and 250 Ohms drivers.. "
    Newly developed, based on... So they dont have the same running gear. Game, Sett, Match - My ears... (80's style fist pump and jump). 
    Other than these cans, i would just get the K167, sure their plastic but they dont feel that cheap. They sound very nice and analytical. You just dont get the bass clarity or mid bass you get on the LE. That being said you dont get it on any of the other cans i tried other than the Signature DJ.
  12. as.we.proceed
    What kind of music are you using with these DT770LE 32ohm? I didn't like the pro 80ohm, at all.
    Chances are an improved version with the same signature won't get the job done either.
  13. mrbigsby
    on the day i tried to have all genres represented to compare the 8-10 different cans equally and accurately. 
    I had two tracks each from:
    viktor vaughn - hiphop
    trentemoller -electronica
    dabrye -dub/electronica
    arctic monkeys -rock/stoner rock
    queens of the stone age- as above
    a collection of 30sec-60sec high quality bites from my sampler of 1920's swing and gospel.
    regina spektor - vocals piano
    emiliana torrini - vocals with a band
    gogol bordello- klezma
    The aim was to get as broad an idea as possible. Obviously the shortlist of cans evolved with each track, and the LE didnt beat all the others in every genre, and it never beat the sig dj (or if it did i didnt notice)... Just in most genres, against most the others it stood out for me.
    That being said, we all have different tastes. If you dont like the 80, you may not like the 32LE, it is similar just much more improved in mids, highs, detail, and calrity of bass. Its an obvious difference right out of the box, but its still related, they still sound like they came from the same genetic material, but the LE got a little more refined detail to work with that translates to a different listening experience. I found the regular DT770 pros to be a little damp and clumsy with the bass, i wouldnt have bought them at all. Yet i bought the LE. I dont know how else to say it.
    Again tastes vary.
  14. Towwers
    Indeed, even so it´s a little bright. mids are very good and bass is punchy. I will receive my M100 pretty soon, however till now my personal favorite headphone is the amperior next to my westone 4. 
  15. Beagle
    This thread is all over the place...
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