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AKG K240DF quick first impressions... Now with pics!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lingling1337, Oct 27, 2009.
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  1. amigomatt
    How do I tell which version I have??
  2. amigomatt
    ...and what's the difference between versions??
  3. stanleycho
    Rather different, I have to say, as I think DFs are much better for live concerts.
    For studio vocal records, always Monitor.
    The sound signature of old versions (both K240M and K240DF) is a little bit more muddy than that on later models.
    However, the previous models have more vivid mids. 
  4. stanleycho
    Do you see a lovely black round cloth backing with a EVA sheet right under either earpad?
    Remove it and you'll see what you have.
    You'll see a round plastic disc with EITHER a paper-like ring in black or white OR a ring of six paper-like passive radiators (3 in white and the other 3 in black or light blue/grey) .
    If the disc come with the former setup, this set of DF is a later model; if with the latter setup, an earlier model.
    Whatever edition you have, DFs are excellent headphones, which, ironically, are discontinued.  
  5. Monsterzero
    Im sure its been covered many times,but I cant find it...

    If i own all three versions of the sextetts,is there a reason to grab a DF? Primary differences sound wise?
  6. stanleycho
    Have you ever compared DFs with Sextetts?
    Whether you need a pair of DF or not depends on you.
    For me, they are the best headphones for live concerts (but I tend to use K240 Monitor for studio records).
    I will have all the versions, although just having some of them :)
  7. RamblinE
    Yikes! The K240DF has been driving my Headroom Micro Amp into clipping. I've never heard that before so at first I didn't know exactly what I was hearing. I hate that Headroom never published specs on their gear. Plugging the DF in I just kind of assumed it would work. 
    So that means I need an amp. I'm leaning towards the Schiit Valhalla on the more expensive end, though the Musical Paradise MP-301 interests me a little as an all-rounder that can drive speakers too. I'm just afraid I'd lose out on detail and transient response. 
    I was also looking at saving money by buying a Little Dot MkII or even that scary looking Little Bear P8, however if I don't buy the Valhalla and cheap out then I'll always wonder what I'm missing out on. 
    Sidelining the DF's for now and using my K701's and K401's till I figure out what to do for an amp. 
  8. Monsterzero
    No I havent thats why im asking....What are the primary differences?
    Sextetts bring guitars about as far forward as possible,even more so than Grados...DFs do this as well?
  9. Monsterzero
    Finally picked up a pair of DFs for cheap. They need new pads.
    Question is there a foam filter that goes over the driver? If so,which should I order?
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