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AKG K240 Sextett--Grado'd AKG?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jon l, Jun 15, 2007.
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  1. SHAMuuu
    1540pads.Sextett.LP ... not sure about EP/MP. Monitors for me better w/ EDT770VB.YMMV. Comfort beats Beyer 880.250. Tried stock pads, hm5 sheep, 770vb, samson850, and 1540.
    I noticed most difference i musicality with bands like Rush w/Sextett.1540pads . Monitors w/ edt770vb comfort ++ and sound to be neutralish, with slightly warmed up mid bass, and cleaner mids. The sharp spikes issue seems to be relieved on both.

    Possible psychological mind fuggery, as this hobby is a trip and a half, but I am satisfied.


    kicks stck pads a$$
  2. GreenNeedle
    I recently bought an pair of LP sextetts and then impressed with them bought an MP as well. Prices are as expected way above the $30 that seemed prevalent at the beginning of this thread. The LP was £94 and the MP £53. Both prices include shipping from Germany as they are even more expensive from UK sellers. ($132 & $75 at current exchange rate.)

    I prefer the LP. It just sounds a lot clearer. The MP is louder but either the extra bass is obscuring some of the middle/top or they just aren't as clear (maybe damaged?)

    While I love vintage I'm not overly keen on black with black and more black. I quite like modern twists on vintage (retro) so I set about pimping the sextett LP up.

    Easiest material for the headband is leather so I got some lovely chocolate "antique" brown 4mm thick leather to replicate the original headband. I did however make it 1.5cm shorter at each end because the original was not touching my head (properly) even with elastics repaired. On the elastics I made a few tiny enlargements within the elastic disc, tied some knots in 1mm black elastic and fitted them as they would have been new.

    Then I bought a couple of cheapo pads off ebay in brown and grey. These have been altered by removing the screen between the driverside grill and ear and the rear hole enlarged. Then the same 1mm elastic thread sown along the edge of that hole so that they grip the cup properly.

    I've also desoldered the stock cable and sleeved it with some "starry night" paracord. Then resoldered the cable back. So stock cable still there, just pimped up.

    The brown pads sound better than the stock ones but they are 1.5x "deeper" than the stock ones unsquished and they don't squish much at all when you put them on whereas the stock ones do a little. They aren't perfect though. From gentle pressing to squish them a little on my head I think they need to lose 2mm to 4mm distance to hit the sweet spot (disclaimer: my sweet spot may differ from other people's sweet spot.) I am hoping that with use they may soften and naturally lose 2-4mm depth when worn.

    And this is what the LP looks like now. Forgive me if you are someone that is horrified when vintage stuff is not kept as authentic as possible. I quite like the modern look although I want phones that actually sound good and not just to be worn around the neck like the footballers do.





    The shorter headband is an absolute perfect fit for me. That 3cm (just over an inch shorter) makes a vast difference and the band only slides up a little bit on the elastics, not much at all with a nice "just right" clamp on the ears. The LP is a superb sounding headphone. Judgement on the MP is very hard because obviously mine are not sounding like other people's are sounding ,just form reading other's reviews of the MP.

    On to something else. I am now going to pimp up the MP for my son to use. This will be with the grey pads. Which colour headband do you think matches/contrasts best with the pads? We have from the left the same "antique" brown (this is unfinished so rough edges still), Then Saddle tan, antique saddle tan and lastly oiled black:




    Any opinions welcome.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
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  3. 477621
    Wow, what a thread. I have spent the last 3 days slowly reading through and digesting this thread from page 1. A shame that some of the pics on the links are no longer active.

    A lot of info in here though so thank you very much to all that have contributed. I came across a boxed pair on eBay the other day. I am still waiting for them to arrive but I am looking forward to giving them a go. I was shocked by how good my HD250 performed and so I am hoping to sample some of that old school AKG magic.

    Anyone have experience of using a Sextett with a Mojo? I'm hoping it will have enough poke.

    Here is what I managed to buy. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/283077510896
  4. Monsterzero
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  5. 477621
    Nice one, thanks! Great video. Cool to put a face to your name.

    I am not against picking up an old receiver for my loft/attic (I work from home). My 250's and 565's would probably also appreciate that.
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  6. Monsterzero
    The Sextetts are an interesting headphone. Theyre the only high ohm headphone that Ive owned that sound better from solid state rather than tubes. My Glenn OTL makes the HD250s sound glorious,but for whatever reason the Sextetts sound better thru receivers.
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  7. 477621
    They arrived today. Fairly certain they are MP. Cream with orange outer rings. Are your MP radiators bright orange if you view the back side of them? So far I have only had a quick listen via my Xiaomi A1, it deals with up to 600ohm cans just fine at sensible volumes.

    They sound great, looking forward to spending the day with them while working tomorrow. Cannot believe the condition that they are in too. They look immaculate, including the box and papers. Even the elastics are in good shape.
  8. Monsterzero
    How are you viewing the backside of the drivers? I cannot see the backside of the radiators from the outside without taking them apart,which I am not prone to do.
    Congrats on finding a nice clean pair,theyre very special headphones. :)
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  9. 477621
    It is dark here now so I am struggling to take pics, but here is the idea.

    Hold headphone like this.


    Peek in crack, mine is very orange at the back but cream with orange ring from pad side.


    Difficult to capture in photo but I'm peeking in there with a light, the backs are a solid orange like the other side of the EP.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  10. Monsterzero
    Hmmm,I cant seem to see the backsides,even with a good flashlight. The LPs are bright white,so if youre seeing cream color with slight orange tint on the outer end of the radiators you have an MP,my favorite of the three.
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  11. 477621
    I thought they were the MP. It was just the bright orange on the back that made me wonder if they may be an EP. Definitely plenty of bottom end.
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  12. 477621
    So it is a happy Friday morning in the Mouse house.

    I tried the Sextett first of all with the old (I think original stock pads). I liked how they sounded but I wasn't yet on the hype train.

    Thinking... Surely the pads cannot make that much of a difference I reached in to my spares box and grabbed my DT770 M pleathers. What a f*cking difference. It is like they went from plodding rhinoceroses to cheetahs the size of a rhino.

    They have passed the 22, A Million - Bon Iver test.
    The sub bass and thump at the start of Enter Shikari's Mindsweep is convincing. Vocals sound great on Sylvan Esso. Now time to turn it up a notch. Time for Stengah by Meshuggah. Wow. Just wow.

    All this from my Mojo and without any further experimentation with Receivers.

    This has really put my DT1990 on notice. Nothing is going to shake the 565 or 250 from their perch just now but these are special. Why did these only cost me £39 in their box?

    EDIT: DT1990 have gone.

    I love this hobby.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
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  13. 477621
    I recently managed to get an LP set in box for a similar bargain. In good condition but need new elastics. I have changed the pads for beyer M pads again and for now just set the cardan manually. These also sound very good indeed, not currently sure if I prefer the MP or LP but for sure I'm on the hunt for an EP.


    In the pic below, LP with ducked elastics is left, MP is right. Boxes above are opposite way round
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
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  14. Armaegis
    Nice score! Years and years ago I stumbled across a NOS MP, still in the plastic bag and everything!
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  15. Monsterzero
    MP is my favorite,followed by EP and lastly the LP. That thump youre hearing in the MP? You will get more of it in the EP,which is pretty much the only difference to my ears.
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