akg k167 tiesto - broke 2 times in the same place
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Feb 13, 2013
2 mounths ago i buyed akg k167 tiesto and they just broke 
i send it back and a big retailer in usa chenge my headphones 
i get my new headphones and after 2 days of using they broke again in the same place without doing nothing jut trying to put the headphones on my eares 
after second incident i don t think that it s an isolate incident 
somebodey have this experience ?
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Same happened to me. only in a month difference. im really starting not to like these because of the poor quality they have. and im not going to fish out $150 more to get the k267. 
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Everyone breaks theirs.  Back when I broke mine, AKG customer service didn't even know it existed.
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Worst headphone made...sound and build quality sucks. It's what you get from buying a "Tiesto" endorsed product.


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