AKG K167 "TIESTO" + AKG K550 Measurements and Discussion
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Nov 12, 2012
It looks like the AKG K167 measurements have been released here at innerfidelity.com
I'm impressed by its fairly flat response, as well as 30Hz square wave that very closely resembles AKG K550.
However, it seems that seal is much easily achieved with the AKG K167.
There haven't been much talk about these headphones since the first official post has been locked,
but I would like to see some more discussion on them.
Here are the 30Hz and 300Hz graph of both AKG K167 and AKG K550.
AKG K167 30 Hz Square Wave

AKG K550 30 Hz Square Wave

AKG K167 300Hz Square Wave

AKG K550 300Hz Square Wave

Source: Innerfidelity.com
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Do you think it's possible that they have the same drivers?
The graphs are very similar to each other. The variances could be due to structure of the headphones.
The K167, being plastic in construction, appears to have more ringing.

Doesn't seem like it. The K550 has a 50mm driver, while the K167 has a 40mm driver. This would explain the K550's more balanced bass/low-mid response. The K267's do have a 50mm driver though; curious to see how those measure up. Judging from when I had them for a while, I'm betting they'll have a bigger dip in the low-mids, with a boost around the 60hz area for the "stage" bass setting, and maybe a slightly bigger peak in the treble compared to the K167's. I doubt the square wave readings will be different though.

EDIT: yep, looks like you got it -- ignore my correction.
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Tyll's comments on measurements:
Originally Posted by Tyll
Finally got my hands on the AKG Tiesto K167 and K67. With all the hoopla on Head-Fi I was really expecting better. The K167 is okay, but somewhat uneven sounding with an odd sounding bass emphasis and a modestly harsh edge. The K67 is more of the same, but with a pretty big mid-range suckout. Oh well.

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So I wasn't crazy. Tyll didn't really like the K167, neither did I.
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I ended up selling mine b/c of the weird lower mids (felt like a dip in the frequencies for me) but I can see why others like them so much. They're hard to beat for the price I got them for, $150.
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I was quite surprised by the measurements and how they resemble a lot of the higher end headphones on paper.
The K167's were also reminiscent of the Q701's. But then again, measurements are only one technical aspect of looking at headphones.
Still a great buy for $150 as mentioned, in my opinion.
I'm bummed that it seems Tyll will not be doing a review on the K167's...
K167's price has been steadily declining on Amazon,
and I consider it to be a solid contender amongst sub$200 cans
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Nevermind the above post, I just realized the AKG K550's have 50mm drivers, and AKG K167 has 40mm drivers

They are both aiming a complete different market.
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I just got mine a few hours ago and I've got mixed emotions so far (still burning them in). Coming from Sennheiser HD448s, the K167s have more bass, but like Tyll said, it seems a little awkwardly emphasized. The HD448s have a flat(er) response which I prefer, however I must say that I like the slightly recessed mids in these cans. The overall detail is a lot better, however the HD448s have much clearer highs which aren't as harsh and also have better soundstage (due to the open design I guess). The k167s still have great soundstage, it's just that it's slightly better in the HD448s.
Comfort wise I'm extremely pleased, and that's coming from a person with big ears. Of course the noise cancellation is uncomparable to hd448s, much, much better. 
Overall I'm happy with them, I'm glad I bought these over the Sennheiser HD558s I was looking at (I've listened to them briefly as well). If memory serves me right, I had a similar issue with the highs being too harsh in the HD448s when I first got them, but then they seemed to adjust after several hours. Hopefully the same happens in the k167s. I'll report back after I've played several hours of music with them and mention any differences. 
Overall I think the k167s are great bang for buck. 
(btw I listen to rap/reggae/dancehall mostly). 
EDIT: The cable quality is HEAPS better as well, I'm not a fan of sennheiser cables
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The K167 would probably sound a whole lot better if it wasn't made of cheap crap. I took mine apart after it broke and the inside build is embarrassing.
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I have a problem with them being closed headphones. That and the bass is like a thud, but not boomy. They sound good but I'm thinking of returning them and buying a pair of hd598s for $30s extra, because I've had good experience with sennheiser a few times now and they are open. I like the idea of noise cancelling and all but open just sounds a lot better imo. 
EDIT: Can anyone recommend closed headphones for around the same price as these that are more neutral? I know the hd598s sound great but they're open. 

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