AKG k121 or Shure SRH440
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Feb 10, 2012
I was looking some comfortable headphones as an improvment of what I have ( Senn HD202, PXC100, and AT ath-anc25 with  noise cancelling). I see this two headphones in my country, basically at the same price, but I don't know which is better in sound quality and also comfortable to use when coding/studying.
I've read that AKG is better in sound quality and clear sound, and shure has nice Bass, but there isn't any review about this ones. I want them just for listen to music at my home when studying or working.
What's your suggestion ? 
Thanks in advance!
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Oh! Didn't know. The store that sells AKG currently have:
 * AKG k121
 * AKG k81
 * AKG Q701 (totally out of my budget)
The one that sell sure has a lot of models, but the only I can afford are the SRH440. Also the gusy from the AKG store, has KRK ones, KRK 6400 like 20 bucks more than the K121. 
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You can also add SRH840 pads to the 440's and increase comfort, soundstage..etc
they are neutral phones. 
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G. Trenchev: Thanks, yes that is the other option, but they are a bit more expensive than SRH440, so if they are equal in quality/comfort as the Shure, I prefer the last.
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Regarding the K121: There simply are many better headphones for the money, like e.g. the Shure. The K121 are not totally horrible, but IMHO not worth there money. I believe the cheaper K81 to be technically superior. I wouldn't recommend the K66 either. I really don't feel very excited about AKG headphones in the lower price area.
The K81 is an exception. These are good headphones, but they are supraaural, you know that? That might be an issue comfort wise. I would still say the SRH440 are a class better than the K81.
The real question is, what kind of sound signature are you looking for? It is impossible to recommend a headphone if you don't tell us what kind of sound you want. Shure SRH 440 is more neutral, K81 is bassy. So, if you want a bassy headphone, you might be disappointed with the Shure and vice versa, regardless which one might be the technically better phones.
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@meltie: Your reply is incredible helpful. I mainly hear to Jazz, Blues and some Tango too (Piazzola mainly), I use the headphones when working or studying mainly at home. Also, I hear some pop-rock like U2/Coldplay/The killers/Keane, but in the 95% of the times, quiet music like Jazz. 
You have to apologize me, but reading the definition of supra-aural it doesn't make me clear what means or what is the difference with the others.
Again, many thanks for your big help.
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Finally, I've bought the Shure SRH440, besides I've followed the advices from you guys, the other thing make me decide for the Shure was that the store that sell shure, let me try all the models, and give me very good advices about it. However, the store that sells the AKG, just didn't let me try them, any of the modells, just said me "If you want an AKG, you just know what you're buying", that unhappy situation make me go with the Shure without more thinking.
I've tested them, and I have to say I'm incredible happy and totally amazed with its sound and quality, as meltie said, the comfort is awesome too. Thanks a lot for your advices!
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@meltie: Thanks again. Your suggestions make me take the right decision. If I'll buy an AKG headphone in a not near future, probably I would go with something higher :)
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hey I am also looking at the srh440. I will use them out of my ipod and I listen to pretty much only rock. The reason I'm looking at them is because they fold up (i will use these headphones on the go) and they seem well reviewed for under $100. Do you think these will be a good fit or should I move on and try to find a different pair of cans?
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@WTFiretruck: I am not an expirence guy here, but I bought this headphone last week and I'm really happy with them. They are amazingly comfortable, and the sound quality is great. I use them at home right now, I think they are a bit "big" for use them on the go, but in the other hand they have a nice bag to carry them, and a retractable cable (I don't know if that is the right name, but the cable is like an old telephone cord :)) that is awesome, because is useful & practic. I don't know about other headphones, but I can recommend this ones.

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