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AKG K-495nc

  1. FastRider
    Let's talk about the model akg k 495nc.
    I know that it is not yet widespread, but I'm very interested to hear a little about this model. And your opinion about it.
    I'm curious to know about the quality of its sound and power of the bass. well I'm interested in noise reduction system. it goes in a separate box that connects to the headphones? or is it built into the headphones themselves?
    Thank you all for helping the development of this theme.
  2. moodyrn
    I know you are new here, but navigating this forum is still pretty simple. This is the high end forum, meaning only high end gear should be discussed. This isn't anywhere close to being a high end headphone. There is a forum call "headphones", and that's where this headphone should be discussed.
  3. FastRider
    I'm sorry. I thought that this model of headphone is classified as hi-end.
    admins if it is not difficult to move the topic to where needed.
  4. moodyrn
    Ha, welcome to the world of headfi lol. There are heaphones discussed here that cost 5000-10,000.00. Some people here have 20,000.00+ rigs. Those headphones you mention wouldn't even classify as mid range headphones to most people here. It's funny, because to the average consumer, spending 349.00 on a headphone would be outrageous.

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