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AKG Announces N60 NC Wireless and N20 NC Headphone @ CES 2017

  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    AKG has added to their line of headphones this week with the announcement of the N60 NC Wireless and N20 NC headphones.
    The N60 NC Wireless is, as the name implies, a revision of AKG's N60 NC sans wire. The N60 NC Wireless features an active noise cancellation (ANC) system that was specifically designed with frequent fliers in mind. Like the original, the N60 NC Wireless can fold down to fit inside compact carry-on luggage. It features a 30 hour battery life which means it can last the duration of even the longest international flights, and should it run out of charge there's an included cable for wired use as well.
    The AKG N60 NC Wireless will be available in April for $299 USD.
    If wireless isn't your thing, AKG has also announced a new wired noise cancelling headphone, the N20 NC. Like the N60 NC Wireless, this it an ANC on-ear headphone for those who spend a lot of time traveling. The N20 NC has a 20 hour battery life and will continue to play music without the noise cancelling if batteries are empty. 
    The AKG N20 NC will be available this summer for $199 USD.
  2. akg fanboy
    Ayyyyykg. Where is the high end headphones :frowning2:
  3. AxelCloris Administrator
    They already have the N90Q and the K800 series isn't that old. What other high end stuff were you hoping to see?
  4. akg fanboy
    A full sized NC headphone, full sized portable options that are ergonomicly shaped for my head... True 701 succesor. K812 beast mode
    You can do it ayyyyykg!!!
  5. AxelCloris Administrator
    Full-size ANC headphone from AKG: http://us.akg.com/n90q.html Not the most ergonomic, I'll admit, but they are portable and with a solid sound signature. Don't know anything about AKG's future open-back plans.
  6. bosiemoncrieff
    Repeat after me: subsidiaries of Samsung act like subsidiaries of Samsung.
    kurochin likes this.
  7. FenderP
    It just looks like they added BT to the existing N60 NC, and the N20 basically is what the N60 NC was.
  8. akg fanboy
    Quincy, I love you very much for the q701 but yeaaaaah I'm not spending $1500 for a portable headphone when I could just get a k1000 or kef ls50 with that kind of money
  9. akg fanboy
    Upvote locked so you get a LOL instead!
    bosiemoncrieff likes this.
  10. SoCal CJ
    Any idea when the N60 NC wireless will come Out? And what retailers will have first dibs on selling it?
  11. SoCal CJ
    Any Updates? I heard out in April 2017 ..lso it's April of 2017....AKG customers service have no info
  12. DDDYKI
    I've been tempted by the N20U for a year now, they look so beautiful. I have an Android phone and an iPad so the remote compatibility is a big selling point--although most of my music listening is on Android. I assume that even with ANC off on the N20 ANC, it would sound different from the standard N20U?
  13. pinkpanther
    Bump. When are these available? Anybody try them?

    I'm currently comparing these against the Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Headphones for purchase.

  14. DDDYKI
    Both are now available at B&H and I believe AKG's own webstore has them as well. Just ordered the N20 NC, can't wait to try them on my flight this weekend.
  15. DDDYKI
    I've had mine for just about a month. NC is pretty good and these are beautiful in-ears. EDIT: Thought I had a problem with the remote not working 100% on my Galaxy S7, but I really should have cleaned my headphone jack first.

    I do wish the cord was a little longer, and the point connecting the headphones to the battery box has some wear from being bent in the storage box.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017

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