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AKG 7XX Near New

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by guerillaw, Mar 18, 2015.
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  1. guerillaw
    For Sale
    Bought these from a fellow head-fi'er last week. He had about 10 hours on them I put on another 5. 
    Out of a Vali from a dragonfly they sounded identical to my k712 pro. 712's sold, now trying to move these as I just got a great deal on some cans I had been eyeing for a while. For the curious, I moved to HD600's in large part because they do not use leather. 
    As pictured, drivers stil have plastic and the package is complete with both plugs and original box. 
    I am open to trades for tube amplifiers or a dac/amp combo. Valhalla 2 ideal. 
    Not trying to profit, just looking to pass these on for what I paid. Feel free to make an offer, especially if you are on the east coast as shipping will be more affordable. 
    For LA head-fire's meet-ups for cash are available at much lower price.
    Paypal will only go to the verified address on the account. If you want it sent elsewhere then send a gift payment with instructions. 
    If you want me to ship internationally, expect a $60 surcharge. Please do not PM me about a lower price for international shipping. It is more difficult and expensive to ship internationally. So unless you can do asking plus 60, international sales are not available. 
  2. guerillaw
  3. guerillaw
    Buyer did not know how to navigate paypal so sale is back.
  4. guerillaw
    SOLD and shipped. 
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