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AKG 712 Pro

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by guerillaw, Mar 13, 2015.
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  1. guerillaw
    For Sale
    Hello, I recently got a screaming deal on a pair of new headphones I have wanted to try so I am forced to thin out the herd. 
    I bought these nearly new on Head-fi about a year ago. I used them only occasionally for listening sessions from a Vali as it is difficult to make time for music with two kids. I would estimate they have about 100 hours or so on them and are in excellent condition---These are Made in Austria. 
    They have a fun serial number of "1969". As pictured, you will het everything that came with them: Important things: Box with in-tact SKU showing mad in Austria, both longer cord and coiled cord, and mini adapter. The extras are a  warranty card and AKG sticker. No bag, as it seemed useless so I gave it away to an AKG owning friend.  
    The only issue with the cans are tiny scratches, as pictured. They do not affect performance and you do not notice them unless you look carefully. 
    I would love a local meet-up in Los Angeles to save everyone time and money. I am flexible on price depending on method of payment and location of buyer (cheaper for me to ship to west coast.)
    Feel free to PM me with offers including trades. Looking for a Valhalla 2 but would listen to offers for similar tube amps or pricier ones where I would add cash. 
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