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AKG 702 - Portable Amp/Dedicated Amp

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rdb1, May 9, 2014.
  1. rdb1
    I am interested in purchasing a pair of AKG 702. But 
    1. Do these need an amp if so which one to get the best out of it. Price range £100
    2. Will they work okay with an iPhone 5s?
    Also if anyone could recommend any others if the price range of £150 or $200
  2. Colgin
    I have the AKG Q701 but close enough to comment here.  At the risk of taking some flak here, I would say this purportedly hard to drive headphone works surprisingly well off my Ipad (3rd generation) and acceptable (but not great) off of my Iphone 5s.  I don't think these cans are terribly portable and I would never wear them in public. I will let other more knowledgeable members comment on dedicated amps in your price range. I just use my Marantz stereo receiver at home and it does the job quite well compared to other amps I have tried at various meets.
  3. rdb1
    Thanks. A dedicated amp maybe better. I want something that I can use with my desktop and laptop at work. Maybe- 

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