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May 23, 2009
So I'm looking to buy a pair of full sized headphones, and right now the AKG K701/K702 have caught my eye. I am currently coming from Westone 2, which I believe is a bit neutral, especially compared with cheaper phones such as the portapros or the hd202 that I used to own (I do not like bass heavy phones, but I do not like phones completely devoid of bass either).
Now that the AKG K702/701 can be bought for under $300, are there any other recommendations for headphones in that price range?
Also, does anyone know the product timeline of the HD701 with the white color? Did the black version come out first, then the black? If so how long after? I am wondering if a K702 white version will come out in the future, because I'd love to have the K702 in the white version.
EDIT: Also, does anyone know a really cheap place to buy these online? They have to ship to Canada by the way.
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Nov 6, 2010
The 701 white was first, and I doubt they will make a white 702, but you can still hope!
The only difference is detachable cable and number of bumps on the headband IIRC.
I think right now they're busy advertising the Q701, which I have heard 2 things about:
1. Same as K70X
2. Refined K70X with better bass

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