AKG 701 - pad noise
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Mar 8, 2006
I have been using my new AKG 701's for 2 weeks now and have put approx 150 hours of break in sound through them at varying volumes. At this point, I am genuinely pleased with the sound signature, particularly as compared with the 580s they are replacing.
I have two problems though, only one of which I know how to deal with. The first is that I am still using an original design version of the Earmax tube amp, eg., not the Earmax Pro. The tolerances of the original Earmax require a good deal higher impedance load (>200 ohms) at the earphones than the 62 ohms at the 701s, and I'm afraid that problem can only be cured with a more powerful and flexible amp, and so a Singlepower MXP-3 is on the way (heart be still!) and should be curative to say the least.

Meanwhile though, I also have a problem with the 701 earpads. While they are comfortable enough, even if a little larger for my ears than necessary, the pads squeek at the slightest movement of my jaw or head. Actually, it's not so much a squeek as a leathery creaking/rubbing noise that you might expect from two pieces of suede rubbing right next to your ear.(Kinda describes the 701 pads)
Anybody have any ideas about how to deal with that issue? It's distracting as hell, and since it's about the only fault I've found of the 701's so far, I'd really like to cure it. If the MXP arrives before I've solved it, I'll be insane.
Anybody have any thoughts??
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May 9, 2002
Zürich, Switzerland
I've had the same issue -- but meanwhile it is considerably reduced from wearing, as the pads are getting softer. Don't worry! I'm sure it will completely disappear. It's no issue anymore with my pair.

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