AKG 701 and Denon AD1000ik with the Litlle Dot
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Frank I

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May 26, 2009
I did all my research on this board being an audiophile for 30 yrs and new to cans. Based on all the info on this board I made three fantastic purchase and really appreciate being on this board and hopefully can contribute. Thanks to everyone who post and made my buying decisions so incredibly easy.
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Originally Posted by crossmd /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Congratulations Frank,

We look forward to your future contributions! Here's to wishing you best listenings.

Oh. and.

Thanks and glad to be here. Special thanks also to SkyLab for helping me out on the Audio Asylum. Hit it on the head with the tubes using the Russian and Mullards sound more vivid on the amp.


..sorry about your wallet..[/size]

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Which Little Dot?

You'll find quite a difference between K701 and D1001 (near polar opposites), and it'll surely help in deciding what type of sound you prefer. Have fun.
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Little Dot Mk11 with Russian power tube abd Mullardd,s 850. I like both cans. The Denon sounds great for the price will be used most with the Sans Fuze. I love the AKG 701 and like the Denons for the price.

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