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akg 550 vs akg 495 nc whichis better?

  1. CoCoon
    hi i am a newbie with a lot to ask

    i ve been planing to buy headphones
    and somebody give suggestion 1 says akg 495 nc 1 says akg 550
    or is there any other suggestion?

    im using for flight/traveling purposes so it must be close back :)

    my gear galaxy note 2 as player fiio e11 hd439 <- curent gear
    sennheiser ie80 and cowon j3 already at shipping

    headphones i am looking for i'd like it the sound q to be better then my senn ie80
    or any other things i should get? such as i'v been reading they says cowon j3 doesn't need an amp but also i read that e17 beats e11 in every aspect

    budget less then $600 for headphones

    tq for your concern

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