AKG 272 HD "troubles"....AH-D5/7000 the solution or rather an amp?
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Jan 19, 2011
first of all congrats! I ve been following the forum for some time and am utterly impressed by the level of expertise, camaraderie and etiquette on this forum...having a broad range of interests and thus taking part in different forums, I wish more forums would be on the same level as head-fi. 
Now to my first question on here. Staying long hours in the office, I listen to music up to 10 hours a day (usually between 2-5) and as such I (at the time) "rewarded" myself with a pair of Bose Triports (I know shame on me). After 2.5 years they completely fell apart (i ll try to post a picture for your amusement) and I upgraded to the 272's, which "won" a test listening against the DT770 pro's, as I preferred the clarity and better ability to distinguish instruments of the 272 ( the 770 s felt to me as there was a constant layer of paper between my ear and the headphone dampening the sound)
Having started to take care of my music library (and quality) I increasingly started to feel that I've "outlistened" the 272's. What I am after is an even clearer sound and a bit more life in terms of bass (though only "on demand" as i ll get a headache after 30 min of banging sound). Having read a lot of reviews on the popular models I came to the conclusion that the ah-d5000 or maybe the 7000 s could be what I am looking for. But then I thought that I maybe I could get more out of the 272 with an amp, as in general I am happy with the apart from the two things described. 
So my question is would you upgrade (in which case I would need an amp anyways) or just amp the 272's? And is there maybe a smart way of buying an amp that fits the 272 and if I would not get what I want still would fit the d5/7000. 
I am currently driving my headphones from a X-1050 (I sometimes use the EQ "unique" to get more bass, but at the same time it cuts of some of the bass towards the end ie if you imagine the bass to be a ball it kind of increases the first half and cuts the 2nd half away), so for 90% of the songs volume is not an issue.
Appologies for taking so long, here my q in summary
Current Headphones: 272 AGK
Am after: clearer sound, more bass (but only "on demand")
Solution: amp 272 or upgrade to D5/7000 or something else?
Music: 50% electronic (ie essential mix), 30% music rock/ hard rock/ nu metal (ie Linkin Park, Seether), 10% Hip Hop/ R&B, 5% pop, 5% classic, very clear vocals are important
Driver: x-1050 so no need for DAC
Requirement: Need to be closed, little leakage, amp should be 100% quiet
Budget: USD1,000 for headphones + amp
London: Any place where one can listen to D5/7000?

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