AKG-240 Studio plug problems
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Mar 17, 2008
has anyone experienced the following problem with their K-240s: I have the older model detachable cable plug, a sort of mini-pin, not the mini-XLR. Now it seems that the pin is not maintaining contact with the female contacts of the phone, cutting out the right channel (I tested the cable and it was OK). Any idea how this could be fixed?
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If you can see where the contacts are in the socket, you could go to a store that sells knitting supplies, get a very thin crochet hook, and pry them up a bit so that they give better contact.

Or you could order a new socket from harman pro north america. Will require a soldering iron to install, I think.
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Thank you for the response! By the way, did you not see from my poor writing that I am a non-native speaker from Finland

On a more serious note, I am pleased to inform that the problem with my AKGs has been fixed. The repair shop (aka my uncle) told me that a wire leading from the headphone female plug had been severed and has now been soldered back.

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