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AK380 Black for sale

Trader History (3)
  1. zuber
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere

    I have got AK380 for sale. I bought it on Amazon in November 2017.
    It is in perfect working condition. There is still protective foil on the sides (you can see it on photos). I have never removed it.
    Full package as on photos. There are still protective foils for the front screen and back (never used).
    I am in the UK.

    2019-02-09 22-11-07.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-10-56.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-11-32.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-12-26.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-12-42.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-13-26.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-13-42.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-14-02.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-14-11.jpeg 2019-02-09 22-14-42.jpeg
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019 at 3:45 AM
  2. zuber
    Anyone interested?
    I can trade for EE Legend X.

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