[AK]Zip Corda HA-1 MkII
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Nov 27, 2004


Okey dokey - bought this from this thread right before I bought a Woo tube amp so this has to go.

This is indeed a great little amp - really fantastic (spent the afternoon listening to it). According to the seller, it's made by Alex, who does great work, and he used premium parts. It sounds very similar to a blue (modded version) of the HA-1 I had a while a go.

It didn't come with a power cord but i\I'm including a stock one and some RCA cables (Radio Shack Fusion, series two, which are great budget cables - do a search on this forum - better than BJC in my head-to-head listening).

Condition-wise, there are pictures in the thread linked above and it's scratched up a bit but perfectly functional.

I'd like a quick sale - CONUS and paypal only, i pay the paypal and shipping.

It's basically an airetta amp (which lists for $230) but has premium parts and a good basic set of interconnects - plus shipping and paypal

If you're using a portable amp for you desktop you should try this head-to-head and be prepared to hear a significant improvement.

Other use would be building a killer budget system

Let's say $OLD shipped and paypalled.

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