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Ak Sp1000m Gold

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  1. DrumSeb
    For Sale or Trade
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    • Anywhere
    80D3AE50-9FAC-4880-83CA-FB00E51812F2.jpeg A09F6955-B4BA-41E1-A112-49A769597F74.jpeg FFBEC4D9-22D3-4A93-B162-DC81C99306E1.jpeg 77DDF7C6-5E1D-4855-A58B-90C08A3DFCBF.jpeg 2CF827ED-E4E0-4C82-94DA-56039E172CA0.jpeg 4366258E-37D3-40E5-8CC2-874A9057C177.jpeg 9A60658C-A3AF-4F3A-9D15-780F36CF49C3.jpeg 14F1BB44-9F2E-4692-A7DA-5AB2AD14C518.jpeg C3E81353-D0E9-4AFF-BE40-D9E2479A4CE7.jpeg 3FDFCD45-004E-4EB4-992B-6B66085512BD.jpeg E5C5F797-8D5F-435E-B28D-0AF19E622058.jpeg 92D52D31-D62F-4CBD-83F8-10496583416B.jpeg A57AC152-E1AF-4214-95B5-CE01DB77520A.jpeg 87240C2E-1366-408C-AE03-9F95942DCA91.jpeg 3CF81489-92FF-45CE-A594-C6B18D059A5C.jpeg Hi guys, i have this beautiful Astell & kern player.
    The unit is in perfect condition, and sound amazing.
    Looking for sale or trade plus cash for a Hugo 2 black.
    I will include shipping to North America, express shipping and assurance.

    Im the second owner for about a week.. and i really enjoy it with my Legend X.
    If you have any question just PM me.

    Thank you
  2. DrumSeb
  3. emptymt
  4. DrumSeb
    SOLD !!
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