AK SP1000M as OTG transport via USB-C > USB/SPDIF converter?
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Feb 16, 2016

I currently use an SP1000M as an OTG transport via USB-C into Kef LS50 Wireless and it works great, wonderful sound with Tidal offline.

I have new speakers coming with a hub, where the USB can only accept a source with volume control but the SP1000M outputs as line out. So to use, I would have to use a different input like coax - which means an USB/SPDIF converter. I want to output without the DAC so the DACs in the speakers get a digital feed.

My questions are:
1) can the OTG USB-C power a USB/SPDIF converter / and if so, will powering it affect sound quality?
2) how is the jitter on the SP1000M, is a larger powered USB/SPDIF device, like a Mutec MC3+ USB or a Audiophilleo going to be a benefit?

I use the AK as an offline Tidal source, so not really going above 24/96. The hub works as a streamer on its own, but I'm hoping offline Tidal will be a better source as it is with the Kefs. I'm not a pro on this stuff at all, I just like simple, low box count solutions that sound great. Kef LS50Ws with the SP1000M and a decent USB cable has certainly been that and I get the bonus of the SP1000M being my walk around music too.

Thanks for anyone with input.

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