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AK SP1000 vs. AK380 ?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Blaze182, Aug 10, 2017.
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  1. Blaze182

    I was trying to decide between the Chord Mojo and iDSD.

    Then I gave up.

    Since receiving the dazzling new black iPhone 7, I've been nothing but impressed by the battery drain.

    Now I'm wrestling logic (price) and shiny metal (seriously, its a pretty block of metal).

    Technically the SP1000 is better, but I'm not sure if there is a (relevant) sound difference? The 380 looks better IMO. I don't listen to super HQ music like DSD; best I have is Flac 24/192

    Does anyone have an input in terms of pro/con between the two?
  2. Whitigir
    DSD is a good format, but sound quality and performancs should be across the board as in if something is better with DSD, then it also is better with FLAC

    The rest of it, I think you have just answered it already
  3. tienbasse
    Little hint: old TOTL dap with a good discount is always a better deal than the last TOTL at full price, unless money is not a limiting factor.
    Got a perfectly preserved AK380 at half price (1500€) = best DAP investment EVER.
    I tend to do the same with any type of gear (car, electronics...)

    The "relevance" of sound difference should be an easy choice depending on your life priorities, it's not like AK380 suddenly become garbage.
    Trust me, I love my Opus #1, my Cayin N5 and my audiophile smartphone, but the AK380 is already on another level entirely, if you put the bulkiness aside. Do you need the incremental improvement of SP1000 for 3 times the price ? Up to you.
  4. Fafner
    In Switzerland the AK380 is still more expensive than the SP1000, thus it was an easy choice. Tbh the shop who's carrying both actually never lowered the AK380's price since it started selling it, resulting in it being overly overpriced now.
    Unless one needs the AK380 amp and can't wait for an upcoming dedicated SP1000 amp I would recommend going for the newer one, anyways. Personally, I don't feel I urgently need an amp for my LCDi4, it's already impressive enough driven balanced straight from the DAP.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  5. tienbasse
    No point in buying a brand new AK380, best bargains are second-hand units, and most people who spent $3000+ on this DAP took good care of it.
    There's already a large choice here in the Classified. :wink:
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  6. Blaze182
    Yeah, this is why I was asking - they're the same price. Can you access the internet or stream audio from another device to the SP1000 or AK380?
  7. lormac
    Hi, Can anyone comment on balance output and usb output of ak380? are these outputs okay or not?
  8. bvng3540
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  9. haiku
    The only way the WM1Z can get anywhere close to the sound quality of the SP1000 is by changing the internal cabling from the stock Kimber to Brimar Audio cables.
  10. Mimouille
    You will never get accurate answers on this, the only people who can answer own the SP1000 so confirmation bias is huge. I asked around. SP1000 is more powerful, that is a fact. Then there are people who prefer the tonality of one over the other. I know quite a few who prefer WM1Z over both (without changing the cable to unicorn hair). I also know a few professionals who feel 380 was technically better, others who day the opposite. Anyways, all overpriced, so just buy what makes you happy.
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  11. tienbasse
    I laughed hard! :D
    AK380 price is now more affordable, you can easily find it new between 1500 and 2000$.

    Nevertheless, it is going to hit hard when Plenue 2 MK2 is released, because the pricetag will be around 1400$ with 256Gb memory and JetEffects, if you don't need WiFi/BT.
    Good to see prices coming down a bit, especially now that Samsung is making 128/256Gb flash modules more readily available for use in other things than iPhones and Galaxy S.
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  12. Infoseeker
    Plus the last gen dap atleast has gotten some support updates compared to the newest ones.
  13. ehjie
    ... now That's a very smart 2 cents right there. i know for a fact from the boys in our club, that he could buy a brand new SP1000, but bought a pre loved LPGT, just for science instead. There was some money left to raise for a really tried & tested hi end IEM. That chap was smart, too...
  14. ehjie
    The 380 is a Pro model. i.e. "is geared for the pro sound engineer, audiophiles & enthusiasts demanding the very best sound headphones for mobile listening via headphones." Some of my friends have this, not only 2 but 4. Only 1 recently will let go the 380 due to an irresistible terms upgrade on the SP1000 SS. The other 3, i believe are keeping their 380, & maybe buy an SP1000 without letting go the extremely analytical but smooth 380...
  15. gazzington
    How does blue note ak240 compare to these? It's at s good price on massdrop
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