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AIWA - a brand reborn?

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  1. nofarewell
  2. jant71
    "Our company, Aiwa Corporation, was founded in 2011 and has no association with Sony Corporation or any of its subsidiaries, the previous holders of the Aiwa Trademark. Questions, support or service for any Aiwa product made prior to 2014 should be directed to Sony Corporation.'

    This Aiwa labs thing is not actually Aiwa so are you sure you can trust it. They bought the trademark but have nothing to with Sony/Aiwa ore Japan electronics(they are Chicago, ILL) so you can't attribute the old Aiwa quality or sound to them.

    "Aiwa has a simple formula for delivering serious audio equipment without compromise - we have the best acoustic talent, we put our money into the highest quality components and we offer world-class customer service."
    Nice and all but to do that in a $49.99 hybrid screams branding a Chinese earphone to sell more than paying the best talent and R&D-ing an original creation that has high quality components. Just doesn't add up to profitable.

    Might be good but don't set yourself up for disappointment :)
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
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  3. nofarewell
    I agree. Let's see how they will carry on. Reviews, products, etc...
    If anyone has some references, please don't hesitate to share!
  4. Wiljen
    Not sure that branding isnt so diluted at this point that it isnt worth recovering.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Look to me like a cheap shot for making quick money out of an reputable old brand.
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  6. soundstige
    Ding ding ding. Like Nakamichi and countless others before them.
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  7. Mellymelsr
    I received my Aiwa Prodigy 1 a few days ago. Just wanted to share my initial thoughts. I have about 15 or so IEM's and over ear headphones in my modest collection. Ranging from very cheap (Xiaomi Piston 2) to moderately expensive (Sennheiser HD 650). My portable rig is a Fiio X3 gen 2 and a Fiio A5 portable amp. My findings on the Aiwa Prodigy 1 are as follows: the build quality is very good. Far from cheap Chinese throw away. The outer shell is one piece injection molded plastic construction. Build is very solid and feels light inside the ear. Sound signature is mildly v shaped. Treble is very clear and detailed with no noticeable sibilance to my ears with FLAC files. FYI these headphones are not kind to low quality MP3 tracks. Every flaw can be heard. The midrange is ever so mildly recessed but very present. Vocals and instrumentals are nicely layered. I noticed no bass bleed at all into the midrange. Bass is clean and tight. Not flat by any means but slightly elevated with plenty of energy. To my ears they are an absolute steal for the price. Comparing them side by side with my Fiio EX1 I founf the Prodigy 1 had a hint less bass but far better clarity and soundstage. They just sound smoother from top to bottom. My ears just love the Prodigy 1. I suggest any of the doubters please try them. They are well worth $49.99....also they come with a very nice faux leather case with a magnetic cover. Just my 2 cents....
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  8. soundstige
    I very much appreciate the impressions, though please forgive me for being a little wary on account of it being your first post.

    I've made a purchase of the Aiwa Prodigy and they should be arriving in 4-6 days. I'll compare them to the half dozen or so other hybrid IEMs I own and have listened extensively to, and I'll put my impressions in the thread here. Looking forward to trying them!
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  9. Mellymelsr
    I understand how a "newbie's" opinion is treated on forums such as these. I may be new to this site but I am hardly new to music or high fidelity. I am 50 years old. I have been a "guest" of this site for many years. Basically checking in and borrowing information and opinions to help in my purchase of products not readily available to test in person. Sound is subjective. I completely understand that. I know what sounds good to me and my ears. I am blessed with phenomenal hearing and my ears like the sounds produced by the Prodigy. In all honesty I only joined due to the less than favorable comments about a product that none of you had even tried. So it's ok...feel free to take a newbs comment with a grain of salt...I've already done the same concerning your comments...lol. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. FYI...I don't work for, nor am I affiliated with any manufacturers of personal audio. Wish I was. This is a very expensive hobby.
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  10. torifile
    It’s not an attitude about a newbie to the site and perceived experience with audiophilia. It’s that a new poster coming in with what sounds like marketing material kind of screams “AstroTurf!”
  11. Mellymelsr
    Marketing material? I'm confused. I simply gave my impressions of an IEM that I own...
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  12. soundstige
    It's merely a healthy skepticism. It's nothing personal. If my impressions corroborate yours in a week's time, it will only add to the wealth of information on this site.
  13. Mellymelsr
    I hope I don't give the impression that I'm looking for corroboration, I'm not, I was only sharing my opinion. Hope there was some light shed on a budget IEM.
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  14. Mellymelsr
    By the way, what's "astro turf?"
  15. soundstige
    The point isn't if you're looking for corroboration or not, it's all the other readers interested in this IEM that would be interested in either corroboration or a differing opinion.

    Astro-turfing in this context is descriptions and reviews that are paid for or otherwise endorsed, rather than being 100% genuine. It's a common issue on forums like these, hence why more impressions are always better.
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