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Jan 15, 2014
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Always interesting to see headphones make the mainstream press.
The Aivvy Q keeps your music within your headphones. How? Onboard Wi-Fi automatically connects to Aivvy servers, then fills up the headphones' 32GB of memory with songs and organizes them into channels. This process happens only when you charge the headphones, which have a 40-hour battery life. Isaac Mao created the Aivvy Q because people "spend a lot of time preparing music instead of just enjoying it" — not just selecting tracks and creating playlists but also dealing with hardware like smartphones, iPods and corded headphones or earbuds. The Aivvy Q is everything in one, packaged in a set of leather-and-aluminum noise-canceling headphones that even Dr. Dre might love.

Read the whole article here. Interesting.
USA Today: These headphones store your music

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