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  1. RamGuy
    I don't see any issues with Apple releasing a new version of the AirPod's this early. It's not like your current AirPod's get any worse by them releasing a new version, so does it really matter? Unless you have some urge to always have the latest and greatest there is no reason for someone who have bought rev1 to feel bad for them releasing a rev2. Of course there will be some improvements, why else would they release a new version. Sure, you might end up wanting what ever improvements they have done but it doesn't change the fact that you would still be stuck with your AirPod's regardless of whether Apple releases a new version or not. I doubt there will be huge upgrades. I bet they have done something with the manufacturing process in-order to address the demand. And perhaps they have done something in-regards to controls and obviously they moved the charging indicator to the outside of the case instead of the inside.
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  2. Bob24
    So the only AirPod related announcement at today's keynote is an optional wireless charging case (which matches the leaked pictures from iOS). Nothing to make anyone regret purchasing AirPods in the past few weeks.
  3. SparkOnShore
    Yes true!!! I am really happy about it since I could not accept buying again after just 6 months!! It's just a new wireless charging case but AirPods are the original ones. They are awesome and I am glad they stayed!!
  4. cyclops214
    I am definitely relieved That it is not New airpod's.
  5. AlwaysForward
    Here's my AirPods with "mods." The term is used lightly here.

    Anyway, the spigen tips definitely help the sound to my ears quite a bit with more isolation and definition. They're not isolating per say. I'd compare it to using Comply Comfort with the iSine vs stock groovy tips. The fit and sound are improved but it's still open and let's sound in. Just a bit less than before. The spigen are super fast/easy to get on/off.

    This time I also added a silicone case to the charging case to prevent pocket slippage. A pleasant surprise is that it also protects against drops! The few times the case had previously fallen, the AirPods went shooting out like projectiles and were hard to find(at home). I tested it and this case, so far, prevents that from happening. IMG_0722.JPG
  6. scrane
    in IOS11 Airpods now offer expanded and independent double tap options for both the left and right buds.
  7. RiseFall123

    I own Airpods but still in time to send back them.

    I own an iPhone 6 plus and I usually listen at flacs from foobar2000 app and Monkemote app through foobar2000 in my desktop.

    I am aware that I don't use them in the right way because they support AAC better and they should used with iTunes.

    I also aware that iPhone doesn't support APTX so I can't have too much advantage from other kind of earphones.

    My question is: do you think around for the same price there is something like that deserve to be bought that send a better presentation, highs and soundstage?

    I am speaking about wireless in-ear models, but similar to Airpods (I don't like to have stuff too much "inside" my ears, I prefer Airpods form project for that).
  8. RiseFall123

    I wonder why this thread is dead.
  9. aramk
    If you don't like having silicone tips in your ears, then Airpods are your best option afaik. A year on and they're still one of the top choices. If you like a bit of sound isolation, there's a lot of options but I haven't tried any myself. Wired is the way for me so far.
  10. jessnie
    same here
  11. RiseFall123
    I don't think Airpods are "Audiphiles", in fact, for that I have other stuff, but I also think that Airpods are a good piece of hardware so I think it's weird that nobody here speaks about them :)

    BTW, if somebody want to ask or speak about them, we're here!
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  12. RiseFall123
    I agree, I just ordered them again :)

    There are some advantages with them that I cannot miss on the go.
  13. vrln
    I use mine at the gym and outside walking around. They´re well built and have supremely good usability (fantastic wireless distance, no glitches, turn on and off automatically etc). Wires at the gym are such a hazard - broke one IEM once by accidentally dropping a 15 kg plate on it after it fell when the cord got stuck... Never again :)
    AirPods are great, just wish the sound was better. Apple has been doing great work with the speakers on iPhone and assumedly HomePod so gen 2 should be focused on sound hopefully.
  15. Miaogua
    I hope they can give it more isolation in the next gen, otherwise it's perfect
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