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  1. aramk
    Now that Apple has revealed their hand with the impeding release of their AirPods, what are people's thoughts? My biggest concern is the lack of noise isolation and seal. Adopting the design of the EarPods from 2012, the AirPod sits within the ear but is less intrusive than true in-ear buds, at the cost of a weaker seal and more background noise. I'm looking into silicone and foam seal inserts for them to see if it's worthwhile.
    Otherwise, the new Bragi headphones are also in the same price point of $150 USD and support proper in-ear tips. What are people's thoughts? Feature wise both look excellent, and I think the final decision on which to purchase hinges on the sound quality. Thoughts?
  2. koudairanger
    airpods in my opinion is way too expensive for its price, and probably easy to drop... have a heart try a bose or sony[​IMG]
  3. klove4252
    I can't picture myself walking around with these in. I remember when everyone was getting bashed for using those old one ear Bluetooth hands free mics. The Airpods look like those, except there are two.
  4. koudairanger
    LOL that sounds crazy
  5. aramk
    They're definitely pushing it slightly with price but I think $100 would be a very good price, and $200 would be excessive. Design wise I quite like the compromise for a better microphone and room for battery space. The earpiece itself remains unchanged which shouldn't add any extra bulk. I'm just not prepared to pay that much and have background noise back. My first IEM was a big step up from the EarPods for the improved noise isolation alone. Let's hope some other companies jump on this market before December. As for Bose and Sony, the "bluetooth" headphones with wires around the neck aren't worth if for me if we're going truely wireless.
  6. Marc Lian
    They are really quite expensive for earbuds. It's clear these are for mass market consumers who don't care too much for audio fidelity, I'm more interested in the Beats options that use the proprietary Apple W1 chip.
  7. pretzel06
    I wish they made a little stylish, imo those are ugly and expensive for what it offers
  8. Peddler
    I suspect that the sensor which activates the headphones when you insert them into your ears would prevent you from using any sort of covers with this. This plus the lack of noise isolation, only being compatible with Apple stuff and the high price have effectively made these a little too exclusive.
  9. Mediahound
    These are probably great for things like phone calls and Podcasts but it doesn't look like the in ear shape is any different vs their prior wired model. those don't provide near enough isolation for good music, in my opinion.
  10. azmodan79
    Not using those for music listening, that's for sure.
    I use full sized headphones and will continue do to so for the foreseeable future for serious and on the go music listening.
    These first version thingies will be obsolete next year when the W2 chip comes out.
  11. ashrafazlan
    If they're anything like the earpods, I'll have a hard time keeping them in my ears.  It's fine if I'm lying down or walking around the house, but anything more and they just slide out.  Don't know how I'd feel if I lost these on the subway :p
  12. Sylmar
    Not feeling it. 
  13. blazer78
    I would rather carry wires over a dental floss box.
  14. SparkOnShore

    Problem is that the 3 new Beats that they presented they are not truly wireless as Airpods. One is over ear (meaning bulky), the other 2 have wires and extra weight around the neck. Idea was perfect but I believe they should have skipped the old Earpods design and go for noise isolating in ears. The only hope is if Airpods get some noise canceling feature which will make them isolate better even though they do not seal in the ear...We will see...
  15. voxie
    Where i come from mothers used to run a string through our coat sleeves to stop you loosing your gloves .... you could do the same!... LOL
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