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Airpods pro

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  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I assumed he meant for his iDevice, guess I was wrong.
  2. Duncan Moderator
    I wonder if the difference between those that like these and those that don’t will be at what volume they listen at...

    I’ve always been a listen loud type person, and at maximum volume these are actually pretty good... anything below that gets more meh the lower I go...

    No, not declaring them as a new reference or anything, but I am saying that they’re way more competent than I would have given them credit for... I don’t feel ripped off by the RRP compared to the standard AirPods where I felt totally mugged.
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    FYI - the adaptive EQ is disabled with ANC set to off.
    Haven't tried AirPods Pro yet but I'm expecting them to match mid-fi IEM's at this price point, and to have adequate ANC when taking the form factor and the fact that they're truly wireless into account. At the end of the day though people buy AirPods for functionality, if it fits well and the sound quality is at least decent it fulfills its purpose.
  5. Duncan Moderator
    One GREAT thing about these compared to other models I’ve tried, no wind noise (as in it is a gusty day today) with ANC on and music playing - that shoots these well up the list.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
    If the ANC in this is similar to the Studio3 (I’m betting it is) then it adapts very well to its environment. As in, it will pick up on and start blocking wind noise within about a second. The ANC is compared negatively against Bose and Sony but where Apple’s implementation shines is that it feels less intrusive and isn’t as distracting to the audio being played. Bose and Sony go for sanctuary while I think Apple may be going for ANC that almost feels like it isn’t there, which is probably the better way to implement it.
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  7. loephi
    hej guys

    i am thinking about the airpod pros.

    I've had big toruble with iems, because i have huge ear canals. I finally found my solution that works (Symbio hybrid eartips)

    would someone mind to provide me the diameter of the large tips? i think they are slightly oval so both dimension would be interesting.

    thanks in advance

  8. jhoelter
    I am a mostly happy AirPods 1.5 owner and am interested in the Pro - but I still think my ER-4Ps will be better on an airplane. Unless they really did the ANC well - TBD.

    The AirPods still have the fatal flaw of getting wonky (cutoffs, disconnections, low battery deaths) after 12-18 months of decent use. Tough to swallow $150 that often, much less $250.
  9. Bingo777
    Sony xm3 have coin battery which can be replaced
  10. sandy1010
    Got mine, pretty happy with the sound. Quite inoffensive, bass is good. Better than what you’d expect from Apple.

    I get a pretty good fit on the large tips, but I do hope someone comes out with a double flange to get it a bit deeper in the ear.
  11. PJDubyaM
    Yeah, this. To me, the ANC feels like in a movie, when the music is dialled up and the on-screen audio is pushed right back in the mix. It's subtle, but it's very effective.

    Had a few test runs on these now, and they're absolute keepers. It's not that they've got the best audio, or the best ANC, or any particular marquee feature; it's just that as an overall package, these are way better for my use case than anything else out there. You know that thing of 'the best camera is the one you've got with you when you need it'? That's these.
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  12. davidmolliere
    So I got myself a pair not expecting much more than what I got from the Sony WF1000MX3... except for lighter weight and seamless integration with my iPhone. I was wrong... the tuning is much more balanced, the Sony is more U shaped and much less comfortable the weight difference makes all the difference. Just like the carry case that is much smaller and lighter than the Sony so usability is as good as it gets, to be expected with an Apple product.


    The AirPods Pro to me is quite a balanced tuning, sure bass-heads will feel cheated and prefer the Sony, the bass impact is not the AirPods Pro’s forte but on the flipside the bass is fairly detailed and layered with no bleed into the mids. Lower mids have been kept clean and the mids overall are quite proficient but more importantly velvet smooth with a surprising level of articulation. It’s technically sound IMHO. Treble wise there is just the right touch of lower treble energy and while upper treble are nothing to rave about it does the job to provide air and decent resolution. More importantly I think the AirPods Pro are engaging and smooth, close to a perfect signature for non critical listening at the office for example.
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  13. Duncan Moderator
    Yes, this - downside is that anything larger than large won’t fit in the charging case... fingers crossed someone will be creative.
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  14. davidmolliere
    I hope there is third party tips, this looks proprietary will there be such items?
  15. sandy1010
    I forgot about the case. Ideally a future AirPod will have a nozzle for deeper penetration into the ear, but I suspect that might be a bit much for the consumer market that’s not used to in ear monitors.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
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