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Airpods pro

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  1. bobeau
    I'm gathering it's using some sort of internal mic to detect sound reflections.
  2. buzzlulu
    I had the Powerbeats pro and returned them. I thought the sound was not any better than my Powerbeats pro 3 and I also found them to be extremely uncomfortable particularly the hook that wraps around the ear.

    If you look on Apples own website you will see Powerbeats pro only garner a 3.5 star average review. Many people disparage them. It is quite strange because most professional reviewer’s love them however end-user consumers were not particularly thrilled.

    The AirPods Pro will become a blockbuster product for Apple
  3. sandy1010
    Could the phone be doing it?
  4. Trager
    It’s not ridiculous at all, in fact, I would argue that once you already have sufficient DSP on a chip to do good ANC, updating some basic parameters for that DSP at 200 Hz is trivial. The amazing thing is that Apple decided to develop those algorithms at all, not that they’re updating at speeds that are less than 1/250th of the signal processing loop.
  5. Duncan Moderator
    With extended listening, I’m genuinely enjoying these... not that I’d have wanted to admit that - but I have, and I am...

    (btw, has anyone done the firmware update and noticed the EQ has changed? Probably placebo on my part, but I’m puzzled at how after the update they’re so listenable)
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  6. SilverEars
    Here is the measurement from my rig. Surprised at the bass. I can understand the upper frequencies, but dat bass (on the graph)! Upper frequencies have slight imbalance as well, and I don't know why it's only at the part? Anyway, I'll see how Crin's and Rtings measurements results.

    I'm wodering if it looks like this due to adpative EQ applied, but if the Airpods are EQ'ing my coupler (like the ear), shouldn't it show a certain EQ target(Perhaps this is pretty close to the active EQ target?)?

    Question for you all, do you hear it bass heavy? I don't, and I'm surprised with how the measurement shows the bass. With a response like this, it should sound really warm, but it doesn't sound warm to me.

    Airpods Pro 1.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  7. buzzlulu
    ??? There is no firmware update
  8. nanaholic
    I do hear the Pros as bass heavy in my own room which is very quiet.

    My understanding is that would actually be the target because bass from earphones is usually the first to be lost in a noisy environment, and since the Pros don't deep insert the seal is not going to be perfect, so as soon as you start hitting the streets the bass heavy tilt will be much less noticeable and would rather sound "fine". Plus the Pros are targeting a more general consumer audience, so a slight bass tilt is very understandable as you have to please those gadget reviewers who always starts off with how the bass slams.
  9. chesebert
    They sound decent with EQ. Low Q notch at 5k, low Q bump at 100hz, -2 shelf at 45Hz. Mid is generally transparent with the right music. The lower treble is not very resolving and sounds grainy and lower mid suck out are its biggest problems.

    I would call these audiophile grade with EQ.
  10. SilverEars
    I could understand the warm tilt though. It does sound like it has a warm tilt. Relative to something like ER4, sure there's greater bass, but that's usually case if you put ER4 against a lot of dynamic drivers. I always found something like ER4 to be on the thin side.

    Usually when I see such a large hump in the lower-mids, I would think there would be bass bleed, but that's not something I've run into with these.

    One thing I can say is, people shouldn't run into too much treble issue or sorts.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
  11. leo253
    Interesting - I've def. heard that these are decent. Still...It's hard to stomach spending almost $300 on some AirPods.
  12. chesebert
    Portable hifi is expensive - Chord battery change costed me $500 with shipping. $250 for 2-3 yrs of use is par for the course for hifi.
  13. leo253
    Don't think I'd call these "hifi" though.
  14. nanaholic
    Definitely not. But they are a pretty smart pair of gadget device.

    That's why I never treat True Wireless Earbuds as audio devices, they are gadgets, and thus the workings of gadget features is what justifies (or not) their price.
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  15. Trager
    That’s a funny statement, considering you implied that you haven’t heard them. What qualifies as “hifi”? There are plenty of expensive headphones that I think are hopelessly veiled. Are those more or less “hifi” than a pair of Etymotics? How about 1Mores?
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