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Airpods pro

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  1. paulchiu
    Glad to hear. I used to work at a Grumman jet hangar and it’s around 90 to 105 constantly.
  2. acidburn628
    Yes you can use ANC with one earbuds. Just go to settings, accessibility, airpods, and turn on Noise Cancelling with one airpods.
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  3. acidburn628
    I totally agree with you. But I have never experienced travelling in a long hour flight that I have to listen to more than what the airpods can offer. Maybe we have different use case but in my case, at some point I have to rest my ears. Putting on the airpods for more than 5 hours, although they are comfortable, still provides me ear fatigue and hence need to rest them once in a while. I get 6 hrs use in my airpods pro contrary to the 4.5hours claim. This is with ANC on and normal listening volume (around 70%). This is mix with movies and spotify. And I have only tested this once as I really tried to know how long my airpods pro can last but normally I don't do that.
  4. Bob24
    I am still holding onto my Bose QC25 for long flights as they are super light and comfortable, and I tend to put them on when I get on the plane and keep them on until landing (bar maybe a visit to the bathroom). I am not necessarily listening to audio for 100% on the time (although a bit of Satie or Debussy with noise cancelling is nice background noise to relax when not doing anything else), but even when I don’t watch movies or listen to music I leave them on as the comfort level is top notch and once you’re used to not hearing it, the engine noise feels like torture when you take off the headphones (and my ears can’t tolerate more invasive earplugs for a long duration). I do feel noticeably more relaxed and rested after the flight when doing that.

    The Bose QC30 are also very comfortable with a earbud design (I have worn them for 6-7 hours in a row) but their battery life doesn't cover very long haul flights.

    I was hoping the APP design isn’t too intrusive and will provide very good comfort for prolonged periods, but if there are comfort issues with them after a few hours as you mention (I still don’t have mines), it would be another reason making them less suitable for long haul flights than other options.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  5. SilverEars
    I realize APP SQ is enhanced due to it's ANC. ANC increases clarity from reduction of noise. So, I find SQ to be a good with ANC.

    When you are out and about, it's noisy everywhere. ANC increases SQ from these environments.

    I find it most useful at the gym. It's a night and day difference from pasive isolation at the gym. It's really effective at drowning out noise at the gym for some reason.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
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  6. acidburn628
    Is there a system wide EQ that can be used for airpods pro?
    Only the equalizer presets built into iOS (which aren’t that good).
    Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods Pro? I’ve heard they sound similar (Powerbeats Pro may sound slightly better) but I don’t want to have to buy both of them to find out. Powerbeats have the advantage of having double the battery life and no ANC (which is a plus to me) while AirPods Pro have a smaller case and probably a more comfortable fit.

    I’m ready to upgrade my AirPods. I’ve come to the realization they sound fine, but my perception of the sound quality was biased by the convenience. They’re lacking soundstage and no particular frequency is great. I was looking at the Momentum Truly Wireless, but I’ll sacrifice a little bit of sound quality for better connectivity.

    I may try the Powerbeats Pro first, and return them if I’m unhappy. Admittedly I don’t really like IEM’s but I’ve heard they sit outside the ear canal almost like AirPods. BeatsX sounded fatiguing to me (which isn’t uncommon for me with IEM’s as I don’t find them super comfortable, but the treble was a little too much), and I found the AirPods to be much better for runs. Hopefully Powerbeats Pro makes up for its shortcomings.

    I’m also looking at V-MODA Crossfade Wireless 2 Codec or Beats Solo Pro to replace my AirPods/Solo3, but I’m not sure either will be a direct replacement for truly wireless.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2019
  9. SparkOnShore
    You are right about iems in general. It seems that also on the AirPods pro, I cannot find a tip to stay sealed on my ears permanently. After some time, even though at first it shows good seal on both ears, one of them will get out of seal. On all 3 sizes. As i move, I guess, ear is finding a way to kick it out. Powerbeats are better in that scenario because they have the hook and generally they are for sure more stable.

    Powerbeats’ sound is better to me. More vital, more bass, more speaker type experience. But to me they have the big minus, no ANC. When you are commuting, all city noises get mixed in your music!
    Why ANC is minus to you? Even if you don’t realize, in a relatively quite environment, your music is never 100% clear without ANC. Some external sound jumps in, spoiling the intended frequencies of what you really want to listen to.
    I don’t know, I am thinking that on/over ear headphones are the only way for critical listening, since they stay stable at all times, they have no tips disturbing and going out continuously, and they have this big sound, coming from bigger drivers, which is always charming and more of an accurate-out of head experience...
  10. SilverEars
    Very true. I've realized there is always some sort of noise anywhere you go, an the ANC brings up clairty by reducing such noise, minor or significant.

    People will not be aware of the noise unless they try out a good ANC in different environments. I've seen people wear the old, no isolation airpods on the train.

    Some audiophiles probably won't be convinced how much fidelity ANC can add unless tries it out. The clarity from reduced noise adds significantly depending on the environment.
  11. SparkOnShore
    Yes I agree 100%. And I need to add that, apart from my problems with AirPods pro tips that I expressed previously, the ANC on them is just top notch! Really high quality ANC on just so small and tiny earphones, is just remarkable. Quite admirable engineering from Apple!!
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  12. SilverEars
    Most universal iem passive isolation isn't enough. ANC is another level.
  13. SparkOnShore
    True. Anymore it’s only ANC headphones for me! On/over/iem, whatever, but for sure with ANC!
  14. robo24
    Completely agree. Did another flight test comparing to the over ear H9i and was shocked how much better the ANC of the APP are. I had done this previously with the default medium tips. Even though they were supposedly a good fit, moving up to the larger definitely made a difference in the ANC (or perhaps passive NC) and they also feel less like they'll come out easily, at the expense of slightly less comfort. I'm really impressed with these and don't miss the Sony of Bose ear buds I sold off, despite preferring the sound of those.
  15. SilverEars
    I've had ANC not kicking in. I notice that I have to refit the iem back into my ears for ANC to kick-in at times. I wonder if some people have issue with ANC not kicking-in and thinking APP does a poor job at it? I think it uses a sensor to detect the earpiece on the ear to trigger the ANC. This sensor doesn't seem foolproof. They need to work this out.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2019
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