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Is "the insider claim" Justified or Unjustified?

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Jan 10, 2014
Alright, so most of you on here have heard of or used Apple's proprietary wireless audio technology AirPlay 2.0 that was introduced in iOS 11.

So "the word on the street" from an "inside source" is that audio streamed via 802.11ad 60GHz Gigabit WiFi using AirPlay 2.0 through Apple's latest AirPods 2.0 delivers "unrivaled low latency clear" wireless audio that "surpasses aptX-LL" plus has the ability to "stream audio via 2 Channels at 64bit 192000 Hz clarity" that also "uses a minuscule amount of battery" on both the iPhone XR and the latest AirPods 2.0 that both devices can "last around two to three days on a single charge streaming audio via AirPlay 2.0 while connected to an 802.11ad 60GHz Gigabit WiFi source."

So based on this "insider's claim" do you think this "so-called claim" is justifiable on existing knowledge on 802.11ad 60GHz Gigabit WiFi and wireless audio streaming science? please place your vote in the poll options provided and comment down below as to why or why not this claim is justifiable. Also Happy 1st of April Head-Fiers.
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