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Airist Audio Heron 5 Loaner Program (and Black Friday Sale!)

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  1. flyinsun
    Just got my unit tiday from stjj89 today. Will try to compare it with my Ragnarok in following days.

  2. glassmonkey
    @AiristAudio The European unit hasn't had any sightings in a while. Is there any information on who its with and how long it will be there? The silence is a bit worrying.
  3. AiristAudio
    @glassmonkey Sorry for the delay on the European unit. We have a limited number of 220V units available, and the review unit intended for the loaner tour was held up for a while but it should be making its way to the first European reviewer within the next week.
  4. glassmonkey
    I wasn't worried for me, I was worried for you guys. I'm glad the unit is okay. I was afraid it might have got lost in the post. All the folks on the list EU list are good folk. I don't trust the postman, though.
    Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear everything is going alright.[​IMG]
  5. reihead
    Great stuff, looking forward to it!
  6. bongieto
    I just spent a week or so with the Heron 5 Loaner unit. Its now on its way to the next user. Formal impression to follow. Thanks Airist Audio.
  7. SeeHear
    Looking forward to it!
  8. bongieto
    First, I would like to thank Airist Audio for giving me the opportunity to try their product. 
    Heron 5 Impression
    I spent more than a week with the Heron 5. I used SMSL m8 and Teac UD-501 hooked to my macbook pro using HE400i, Fidelio X2 and DT-990 600 ohms. I used both lossless and mp3 (320) files. 
    I think it is well built with minimal but modernist design orientation. It is not the prettiest amp out there but it is also not the ugliest.
    I  do not speak "audiophile" so I will describe what I hear from a regular listener's perspective. What I noticed first is the clarity. It exhibits excellent clarity compared to any other amp I had. I compared to my recent purchase (Gustard H10) and the clarity is clearly better on the Heron 5. Another thing I noticed is the smoothness of the sound. It is also non fatiguing. I can listen to it for hours. My only issue is that I think it needs more gain. 
    It is an excellent amp!
    Price? In the world of boutique audio products like this, I think the price for the Heron 5 is within the existing range. However, from a very practical perspective of a "poor" audiophile wannabe like myself, I think the price is a little steep. Case in point is when I said it is better than $ 300 Gustard H10. Yes it is better but not 6 x better! In my opinion it is around 10% better in sound quality (which is the most important factor to consider in a product like this). At $1900, I will definitely think twice about it but for  
    $ 700 to 1k, I think Heron 5 is a great option.
  9. SeeHear
    I received the Airist Friday, the 22nd - just in time for the blizzard!  It arrived in good shape, albeit a day late (thanks, USPS!).
    I listened for most of the night.  My first impression is of a lightness and preciseness that contrasts with my reference WA2.  I was using a different source (the Airist has only one input), but my HD650s, on first listen, seem better matched with this amp than my Woo.
    Detailed impressions to follow!
  10. oaklandrichie
    Got it today.
    Listening to the new Ty Segall vinyl through hd600's. Impressions later. 
  11. Dasumemi1215
    Just received the Heron 5 (thanks to Oaklandrichie) set up tonight. Fun begins
    oaklandrichie likes this.
  12. SeeHear
    The next guy on the list was the last one listed for the unit (#1) I have. He withdrew from the loaner program.  Where do you want me to send it next?
    Take your time deciding; in the meanwhile, I'll keep listening to it.
  13. oaklandrichie
    Some notes on the Heron:
    -On high gain, with HD600’s, I need to turn it up to around 85-90% to really drive them. I wonder if this amp could handle hp’s with a higher impedance. When using the jack on my Marantz 2220, I usually max out around 50%. 
    -There’s a surprising spike in volume at a certain notch. I didn’t count the notches, so I can’t pinpoint it, but if you toggle back and forth, it’s jarring. I noticed this issue when I was tempted to turn it up just a little more, but then got blasted. 
    -The clarity of this amp is undeniable. I wish it was more powerful, and would push the soundstage more, but it’s one of the clearest, most balanced amps I’ve heard. 
  14. joeq70
    Sooo...@MWSVette  sent unit #2 off back at the end of December...to the next user on the list @marshmi...who only has 1 post...which was used to join this loaner program...just sayin'. lol.
  15. MWSVette
    It was received by @marshmi on 12/24/2015 according to tracking...
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