Airhead or Headsix? -- One has crossfeed and the other doesn't.
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Feb 3, 2008
This is my third post in an effort to learn more about budget headphone amps and headphones. I have a local shop which carries a variety of headphones to which I can listen (I do like the Grado sound, in general, but they have other brands as well.), but not a variety of amps.

In case you haven't read a previous post, I'll mostly be listening at home and my integrated has no headphone out, so I'll need a head amp. But, the idea of a portable one is good as I could take it with me and listen when I travel.

While a number of budget amps seem to be recommended, I like the idea of getting something either made in the US or from more of a smaller, boutique company such as Meier. Meier's budget portable head amp, the Headsix, doesn't have the crossfeed circuit. The Airhead does, and it can be switched on or off, depending on whether it suits the kind of music I'm listening to. I don't need a DAC, by the way. How important IS a good crossfeed circuit?

So, $100 for the Airhead or $160 for the Headsix. Has anyone compared these? I also can look out for a used Corda or something like that. I don't mind going the used route. It's my birthday next month, and between my wife and my father-in-law, I'll be able to fund this.
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Dec 23, 2006
I had compared Meier Move to Airhead. Move has the same circuit as Headsix + crossfeed + ability to change the gain and power consumption. Some report that sound is very similar between two.

Move was much better than Airhead. Moreover, Airhead crossfeed alters the sound in a way I do not like. So I recommend Meier.

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