AH-D2000, Asus STX and a Fiio E7
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Oct 10, 2011
Done some research and eventually decided to get the AH-D2000 (after missing a deal of the D5000 for about the same price, damn I'm mad about that). It's my first venture into any good headphones, wondering if anyone has any suggestions for changes to this?
I want the STX for my speakers as well, and thought I would go for the E7 simply because I keep seeing the name around, read some impressions and I did get the feeling that it's good enough for the D2000 (due to something about Ohm).
Just wondering if there's anything you would recommend I change, I could stretch my budget a tiny bit but nothing too far. It's mostly on the amp side I'm looking to potentially get something better, depending on how much of a change I get for the price change.
Any input would be appreciated.

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